Duck and Dive for water-based fun

by edwin - on November 14th, 2008

Your kids might have fun with these, but as an adult, surely you’ll want to spend less time in the bathroom doing unnecessary stuff like shooting ducks! The Duck and Dive game allows you to hone your water pistol skills, and it is best to play this with up to three other friends in the same pool (unless you have a really huge bathtub, of course). Each person is given a water pistol and assigned to a duck, where the aim of the game is to squirt water into your duck’s mouth so that he’ll be able to dive underwater before other ducks do so. I suppose this is suitable for an intimate pool party, but with the abundance of alcohol flowing there, squirting water the right way might be easier said than done. Duck and Dive will retail for £9.99 a set.

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