Cleavage Control Clip

by edwin - on November 11th, 2008

We’ve seen how the Air Pump Bra Pad helps you increase your bust size without going under the knife or wearing a Wonderbra, and here’s another method to do so that won’t cost more than a meal at a restaurant. The Cleavage Control Clip does away with falling bra straps as it will tighten up the straps according to your liking – sliding it higher will result in tighter straps, offering much more voluptuous results than you ever imagined. It is supposed to improve your posture as well, while preventing straps from cutting into your shoulders. Heck, it sounds good enough to even revive old, stretched out bras (as well as the mammaries they cup). The Cleavage Control Clip will retail for $9.98 and comes in black, white and clear versions.

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    Great Tits

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