Cat Playhouses that are pointless

by edwin - on November 9th, 2008

Dogs walk, fish swim, bird fly, but cats? Well, they just laze around the home, snoozing most of the time while acting as though they’re the boss of the home. For cat lovers who love to placate their favorite feline with nothing but the best now have another way to splash their cash – on this Cat Playhouse. Being nothing more than a glorified cardboard box, you will be able to choose from an aeroplane, tank or fire engine design. Not that it matters to the cat, but I guess you can always dress up your kitty in the relevant clothing (a pilot suit or a fireman’s gear) to capture images before entering the umpteenth pet photo taking competition. Is this worth £14.99? Only you can tell, and at least you can stack up your Cat DVDs right beside it when not in use.

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