Bring home your own airplane window

by edwin - on November 10th, 2008

Taking a flight is fun, especially on long haul trips, but only if you’re sitting pretty in Business or First Class. For most of us, however, being stuck in Economy Class is a preview of hell, since you’re faced with extremely cramped seats, crying babies (never knew those little critters had such lung power that lasts for virtually forever), rude stewardesses, and that passenger beside you who can’t seem to stop talking to you when you are trying to get some shuteye. Relive those fond memories with your very own airplane window as you look out, trying to catch a glimpse of the airport to signify your hellish ride is almost coming to an end. No idea why would anyone fork out $1,500 for this though, making it a purchase for the truly foolish.

Product Page via Nerd Approved

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