Beauty Waist Cushion shapes you up…or does it?

by edwin - on November 23rd, 2008

Just like the Slim-Legs Slippers that I find hard to believe to be of any effect (other than making gadget mavens Brando richer), the Beauty Waist Cushion touts itself to shape you up without breaking a sweat. Seriously, this goes against all conventional medical and scientific wisdom – how the heck is a person supposed to get in shape without moving? This cushion claims to maintain and encourage a shapely healthy posture as long as you lie down on it, where the heart-shaped pink cushion will cause your body to tighten its key muscles, resulting in an ideal body shape. I think someone forgot to tell them that the ideal body shape is that of a pear. You can wager your $44 for one of these and let us know whether it works or not.

Product Page via Gizmodiva

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