BamZ Double Insoles

by edwin - on November 30th, 2008

Want your kid to stand out from the rest of the crowd? With the BamZ Double Insoles, you will be able to let Junior flash messages straight from his feet!

Let your walk do the talk with BamZ – interactive insoles that let you flash messages from your feet! BamZ are taking kids’ shoes into the 21st century. Advanced technology means that you can create your own light-up messages with up to 40 characters. As you walk – or dance – the message will light up and scroll across the illuminated display. They’re re-usable too – BamZ can be switched easily between different pairs of shoes or trainers very quickly. They’re designed to ensure that they won’t do any damage to kids’ feet either.

This £14.99 gift idea is perfect for those who don’t know the exact shoe size of the recipient, as long as it falls between 2 and 6, you’re good to go. Pretty geeky if you ask me, and boy oh boy would the kid get ridiculed on the playground wearing a pair of flashies like these.

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