6-foot long rubber band

by edwin - on November 24th, 2008

Rubber bands are pretty useful stuff to have, as they help keep a bunch of pencils and pens together (for adults) while kids love it since it can be used as an impromptu slingshot once they’ve mastered the art of bullet origami from loose, small pieces of paper. It makes me wonder what the whole point is about concerning the 6-foot long rubber band – well, at least for $5.50 you won’t have to regret too much after purchasing it, and since Jack had disposed off the giant, there aren’t any more beanstalks to climb to tie up those huge buggers any more.

Product Page via BBGadgets

One thought on “6-foot long rubber band”

  1. Paul Buccigrossi says:

    Do you still have 6ft long rubber bands in stock?

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