Top Ten Costumes for The Wall of Shame

by ally - on October 27th, 2008

When Halloween rolls around it tends to draw out some bizarre and geeky costumes. As children we could go outside in a sheet with holes for eyes and people would ramble on about how cute we looked. Yet as adults we don’t quite get that luxury. If you wear a Rubiks Cube for a costume, no one is going to think how adorable you look, well besides your Mother. It is also entirely possible that even as an adult someone will feel the urge to beat you up and steal your candy away. Well here are a few costumes that only the shameless could pull off.

The Adult Wet T-Shirt Winner

One popular trend on Halloween for chicks is to find the skimpiest costume possible. Which very few guys would complain about. Well if you’re going to go that route, you might as well go all the way and pick up this Wet T-Shirt costume. No one will be able to overlook you in this costume but they may stare.

The human iPod

Well even Apple Fanboys have to get out and enjoy themselves on Halloween. Which means they might as well show off their addiction to all things Apple. Although it’s probably been done so many times this will soon be deemed a classic, it would probably make for a much cheaper DIY project than paying $50 for a costume.

The Chick Magnet Costume

This type of costume is usually worn by those that got stuck going to a Halloween party where it is required to wear a costume. You know the ones that have to be noncommittal about their costume, all the while sending off a message that ends up making them look more than a little arrogant. 

The Body Bag Costume

This costume won’t really allow for much movement, but it’s much better than dressing up as a zombie like everyone else. With only a little added makeup on your face your costume would be ready to go. With this you wouldn’t have to worry about any cool accessories to make the costume stand out more. Yet with the combination of it trapping your arms and it being sealed the way it is it’d get hot quickly. You might end up having to wear as little as the picture painted on the front is wearing, just to keep cool. 

Monty Python Black Knight Costume

Okay boys, whatever you do, do not under any circumstances where this in mixed company. When I say mixed company I don’t mean ladies either, I mean no going out to a party with non-geeks. Yes, to geeks it’s funny, but the general public is not going to find it as awesome as you do. However, if you do happen to get bullied, I suppose you could just beat them off with the ripped off arm. 

The infamous Pac-man costume

Yes, you’ve probably been seeing this one float around a bit. See this, is one of those teeny tiny costumes that come out for the ladies. At least this one is funny and comes with an overabundance of geek appeal. Boys if you can manage to get your girlfriend to even wear this in the house you know you’ve found the one. Yet sadly, I don’t see a lot of chicks latching onto this one. Even the cool gamer chicks probably won’t feel the urge to wear this tiny costume. 

Holy Sh#! Costume

If you were wondering, that is the literal name of the costume, direct quote from the site, “Holy Sh#! Costume.” If you thought the Christmas Po was funny on South Park, you’ll love this poo with wings. If you wear this costume out it will definitely cause your friends to shake their heads in shame, but you know they won’t be able to help but laugh a little. 

The always necessary Star Wars Costumes

You can’t have a list of costumes without at least mentioning the Star Wars costumes. If you’re going to do it, please at least try to do it right. Don’t go for the poorly assembled Death Star costume, nor does anyone want to see Vader in bondage gear. It’s just not right, please keep the dark jedi fully clothed and his light saber snuggly in his pants which should cover his harry white boy legs. To whoever made this particular costume, thanks so much I’m scarred now and that image is forever burned into my brain.

Baby Woopie Cushion costume

Let’s face it, kids are gas bags so you might as well dress them up as one. If you’re going to look like a dork for Halloween, you might as well take the little ones down with you. After all, years from now it makes perfect blackmail material when they’ve started dating. 

Transformers Costume

Lastly there is the truly classic Transformers costume. First, before you go making a costume that will need to transform, you should make sure you’re actually flexible enough to fully transform. Unlike the one of the smart guys in the video.


15 thoughts on “Top Ten Costumes for The Wall of Shame”

  1. iCalvyn says:

    i like the chick magnet costume, haha, if I can attract chick like the magnet, that will be great

  2. Hype says:

    Nice pacman costume..haha

  3. Anon a Moose says:

    I suspect those costumes to be photoshopped, you can tell from the reflection and the pixels. Trust me, I would know.

  4. boom says:

    yup everything is photoshopped which is why i’ve seen two of those in my local costume store ( chick magnet and the body bag )

  5. ameo says:

    i like to see others wearing these costumes and not myself

  6. V says:

    c’mon boom, the shadows are all obviously wrong. looks more like a baby duck magnet

  7. Trevor says:


    Anon a Moose 10.30.08 at 6:39 am

    I suspect those costumes to be photoshopped, you can tell from the reflection and the pixels. Trust me, I would know.

    Wow ur an idiots of course its photoshoped theirs no fricking background.

  8. s says:

    pacman costume is fn HOT

  9. Dr. Peter Venkman says:

    I ain’t afraid of no ghost!

  10. kyssmiink says:

    Must say the Monty Python one is awesome! Then again, I am a geek girl with a Coconut Carrying Swallow tattooed on my ribs…

  11. DropCee says:

    LOL!! “it’s not a chick magnet, it’s more like a baby duck magnet” What a loser they’re the same thing……..

  12. Ronnie says:

    Those Transformer costumes are the shit!!! You guys are hella smart!!!
    The next time you have an halloween office party let the cookie cutter normies chomp on that!

  13. Ronnie says:

    Hey, don’t worry about the idiotic geek comments, folks. Remember it’s the Geeks who have the intelligence and imagination to invent all the cool shit that make life easier and more fun for everyone else! Like the flat screen TV, Tivo, and remote control, held by that bully, asshole jock, who is now a glory days, reminiscent, drunken, wife beating, laid off construction worker, that looks like a cross between Homer Simpson, and Al Bundy, farting in his recliner, watching the game, and shouting to the top of his lungs at his wife, the former super hot cheer leader who delusionally thinks she’s still sexy at 300 pounds; whilst trying to control a house full of soiled diapered, snotty-nosed, screaming little brats, to get him a beer!

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