Toilet Monster and Screamer

by edwin - on October 6th, 2008

Here’s a toy that will definitely be a hoot if you’re holding a house warming party – the Toilet Monster and Screamer. I’d suggest using this only if you have young folks around, since older people might actually get the scare of their lives and slip backwards which could result in serious injury or even death – definitely not the best way to start off your new life at home. The Monster toy comes with suction cups and remains securely attached to the lid, staying hidden until the right moment when the lid is raised. As for the Toilet Screamer, this device lets out a shocking scream each time the lid is lifted up, and can be attached to the lid’s underside using a similar suction cup as well. The Toilet Monster and Screamer will retail for $16.98 and $8.98, respectively. I wonder who’s going to do the (literal) dirty job of cleaning either at the end of a party…

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