The Pop-Up Pirate 4-port USB Hub

by ally - on October 28th, 2008

If your boss has complained about any of your USB office toys, then you might need something that has at least one real function.  That way it at least almost appears as if you care about your job.  Although this appears to just be a small game to distract you from your work, it is actually a cleverly disguised USB hub.  Now, if your boss complains about the toy, just point out that it is your USB hub.

The game itself can work with up to four different players.  Just jab in the swords and eventually the pirate flies out.  I’m a bit unclear on the details of the game, but it seems like it’d be the perfect way to kill time.  You can pick this up on Firebox and as per usual the US site is all out, but the UK site has it in stock.  I swear, I don’t think they really have a US site, it’s all just a fake, because I never see anything actually in stock.  You can pick it up for £29.95 or $46.10.

Source: Pocket-lint

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