The Night Sweat Alarm wakes you up when you sweat

by ally - on October 1st, 2008

If your partner is constantly waking up complaining about the bed having pools of sweat, you might need something to stop all that sweating.  Well to make sure your partner doesn’t get drenched, pick up this alarm and never sleep well again.  It’ll wake you up when it senses perspiration, it does this by vibrating and sounding an alarm.  Which I’m sure won’t annoy your partner in the least.  You can place it on either your wrist or ankle, so you get to decide which region gets the most damp.  To pick up this device it will cost you a whopping $139.  I just hope that you don’t accidentally have your arm up against your partner when it goes off.  The vibration is likely to scare them enough to leave you on the spot.

Source: SlipperyBrick

2 thoughts on “The Night Sweat Alarm wakes you up when you sweat”

  1. serge says:

    I got the night sweat alarm and it is so complicated for my Dad. He said that it does not have any indication when its on or off and to confusing .

  2. twyla says:

    i have a cusstomer who is interested in purchasing one of these for her son. can you help me locate one please? thanks, twyla

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