The Baggage-shaped Table Lamp

by ally - on October 5th, 2008

Lamps have always had the ability to come in excessively strange shapes.  One shape I didn’t expect was a lamp in the shape of baggage.  It’s such a random and boring shape that I can’t see even the slightest appeal to it.  The handle itself is made of calfskin leather, that is sold in either blue or pink.  The pink happens to be currently sold out.  The bag used to be sold for  £121.00 but has thankfully gone down to £48.37 which translates into about $86.  You can pick it up here, but you might want to hurry since they are all out of the pink and only have one of the blue left.  I know I’d just expire on the spot if I couldn’t get a hold of the very last overpriced bag shaped lamp.

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