Thanko Gold Ingot USB Hub

by ally - on October 26th, 2008

If you’ve managed to fill up all of your USB ports it’s probably about time to get a USB hub for all the rest of your USB gadgets.  A USB hub can say a lot about a person, for example that their a Dr Who fan or if they went the plain route that they like classic and sometimes slightly boring things.  With as many USB hubs as are out there, you could easily find one that speaks to your sense of style.  Now as to what type of person this gold ingot speaks to, I have no idea.  That is unless some bank teller with a very cheesy sense of humor decides to pick one up.  Beyond that I couldn’t imagine many people getting into this USB hub.  The hub has eight different ports and is sadly a little expensive.  You can pick one up for $64.35.

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