Terry the Turtle

by edwin - on October 27th, 2008

Terry the Turtle to me is something like Teletubbies – he is irritating enough for me to throw him against the wall to keep him silent permanently, although that would mean wasting £17.95 in picking it up. This potty-mouthed turtle comes with a built-in infra red sensor and comes pre-loaded with over a quarter century of outbursts. All you need to do is switch Terry into the motion sensor mode and he’ll start to mumble to folk walking past him with random phrases. There is a Parental Guidance mode as well, which could shock some of your colleagues as they walk by your place only to be greeted by a toy as mouthy as his owner.

Source: Toyology

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  1. Gadget Chick says:

    I think they should have called this guy passive aggressive Pat instead. Geez–you know we’re getting lazy when we start outsourcing our insults to electronic gadgets. LOL!

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