Squirt Quarter Prank helps you lose friends

by edwin - on October 30th, 2008

Just in case you’re wondering how come you don’t seem to get invited to parties and other social events any more these days, let me clue you in. It could be due to all the excessive reading on Foolish Gadgets and basically buying up everything featured here thus far, letting your popularity poll plummet even among family members. Well, the Squirt Quarter Prank isn’t going to stem the tide but exacerbate it, letting you douse your victim with some water whenever he/she asks for a quarter. Since it is made from an actual quarter, it makes me wonder whether it can be used in arcade cabinets or not. How about legal tender? That’d be pretty foolish though since you would suffer from a net loss of $3.73 after taking into consideration its purchase price of $3.98.

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