Shower Power suction handles

by edwin - on October 3rd, 2008

Gotta love the product description for this – Shower Power: Bathroom handles for bathroom bangin’.

This suction handle takes the imminent doom out of shower sex. This large black handle has amazing suction power: we stuck it to a desk at the office, and had a hell of a time trying to peel it off. Your girlfriend can hang on to the Shower Power for better balance, or you can grip it for extra … shower power. Shower Power travels well, and can be used on any tile or glass surface: in the car, at the office, in a stall at a local fast food joint, anywhere you need a little extra control or balance.

Bring home a couple of these for $6.99 a pop today – you surely can’t use just one, can you?

Product Page via Nerd Approved

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