Ridiculous robot kits by Gakken

by ally - on October 10th, 2008

Robots are always a favorite within the tech community, but sometimes certain robots lean a bit towards the ridiculous side. These two by Gakken lean heavily towards being not only ridiculous but pointless as well. First there is the tea serving robot that has a teacup it brings to you. Now, how does this little robot know where to go? I have no idea, and not for a lack of searching, they even have a video and it still doesn’t really explain how it works. It almost acts like a wind up toy that just walks in the direction you point it. Hopefully you weren’t hoping it’d be intelligent enough to actually serve your guests.

Next there is the Bow Shooting Robot. Yes, a robot made only to shoot a bow and arrow and make it land on a target that comes with it. These are both kits, so you do get the fun of building the robot, but afterwards all they would end up really doing is collecting dust. Which is slightly silly when you consider that the tea robot is $99 and the bow and arrow robot is $159.

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