Mr. Willson hangs onto your towel

by ally - on October 23rd, 2008

Usually if I want to hang up my towel, I use the regular towel rack.  Yes, it’s uncreative and dull, but it works.  Never at any point did I think that somehow a tennis ball would be a great way to hang your towel.  Well apparently someone did, and hilariously enough named the tennis ball Mr. Willson.  I pray the designer wasn’t yet another person who watched the full 4 hour long movie with Tom Hanks talking to a volleyball.  Yet, it seems the designer is one of the sad many.

Well at least Mr. Wilson comes with a mouth that holds your towel, a suction cup on his back and tiny little eyes.  Loony Designs assures potential buyers that Willson is discreet and thankfully doesn’t talk much.  Probably on account of the fact he has a towel shoved down his throat.  You can pick him up for 11.00 € or about $14.

Source: Gizmodiva

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