Mickey and Mario bonded together as Akashi

by edwin - on October 29th, 2008

What happens when you bring two cultural icons together? Well, when Mickey and Mario meet up, the amalgamate into this monstrosity known as the Akashi. It does not only look weird, but there is some sort of strange appeal as well. This is the first time I see Mario’s famous mustache appear on Mickey’s face, and their various shared body parts totally creep me out. In addition, Dave Bondi has decided to make the Akashi stand at 9″ tall, letting all and sundry know just what weird tastes you have in cultural icons as this $65 Akashi is placed prettily on your desk.

Source: Doobybrain

0 thoughts on “Mickey and Mario bonded together as Akashi”

  1. Sly hoax says:

    There’s something very creepy about this…

  2. edwin says:

    Sly hoax: You don’t say…wonder if he’ll have a menage a trois with Minnie and Princess Peach – lol!

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