Funny yet overpriced scales

by ally - on October 24th, 2008

First there is the Bun in Oven Scale, which if given by a guy would be grounds to take of their head. Sure, women might be able to get away with offering it up as a humorous gift, but men should steer clear. The bun in the oven scale starts off at 120lbs and shows the progress in silhouette form. It’d be the perfect gift to get any pregnant female crying when she finds herself farther along in the scale than she actually is in her pregnancy.

Then there is the hilarious Bittersweet scale that doesn’t tell you numbers, only showers you in compliments. Some of which being “So Breathtaking” and “Better with Age.” Either way it will keep you smiling and from the chocolates printed onto it will likely keep you mouth watering as well. Lastly there is the Ignorance is Bliss scale that removes all numbers entirely. Which would be a fun novelty gift for a friend that is addicted to checking her weight after every nutrition bar. That is all of these would make fun novelty gifts if it weren’t for their outrageous prices. All three are set at $95 a piece from Uncommon Goods.

Source: OhGizmo

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