Bun in the Oven Scale

by edwin - on October 25th, 2008

Everyone knows that a pregnant wife sometimes feels like a whale, and she certainly weighs like one, too! If you and her happen to share the same, twisted sense of humor, then the Bun in the Oven Scale will definitely be something the both of you will laugh over. This scale will help chart the pregnancy journey across silhouettes of a lady with an ever expanding belly, and each progression marks the addition of 20 pounds. I’m not too sure whether it is worth forking out $95 for something like this since an ordinary scale will already do the trick, but at least you get something funny to laugh about this time round. Guys who have pot bellies will definitely be curious to try this out, and you might surprise yourself from being in the third trimester after years of drinking escapades.

Product Page via Gizmodo

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