AK-47 Bullet Ice Tray

by edwin - on October 8th, 2008

While most ice cubes come in a hollowed out cylindrical or square form factors, here’s a novel way for you to let your guests literally bite the bullet – with the AK-47 bullet ice tray. Just fill one part with water until it reaches the top, place the next half above, press it down and let the freezer do the job for you. Within the stipulated time, you’ll end up with crystal clear bullet lookalikes that will go down well with the AK-47 cocktail. The AK-47 ice tray can be yours for $13, although the missus might not approve of such a juvenile object in HER freezer.

Product Page via Like Cool

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  1. This gadget is on our list but we’ve been continually searching for a place that sells the these AK-47 Ice Cube Bullets in Canada and US. Any leads?

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