USB Handbag Flash Drive

by edwin - on September 30th, 2008

There are USB flash drives, and then there are USB flash drives. Unfortunately for the rest of us, the USB Handbag Flash Drive you see here is neither, as it comes in a garish form factor of a handbag. Although $36 can net you 8GB of portable storage space (pretty good value for money), you know it is that affordable because there were no capable designers in the house, hence the reduced cost which is passed on over to the consumers. Choose from red, pink, green, yellow or blue colors if you are still adamant of bringing these home. I don’t think your girlfriend would appreciate this as a token of apology, either.

2 thoughts on “USB Handbag Flash Drive”

  1. fyra ummi says:

    saya nak satu pendrive flash drive handbag warna pink…!!!^_^

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