The Critter Cruiser and Hamtrack

by ally - on September 30th, 2008

If you were a fan of Ralph the mouse and his tiny little motorcycle then you’ll love this odd little car. It’s made like a hamster wheel and then attached to a tiny little car. Giving your furry little friend free reign of the house. Just hopefully no clumsy relatives will step on it and crush the hamster as well as end up landing on their rear.  On the plus side it comes with a little racetrack, so the hamster has a safe spot to roam.

Frankly, a mini car and racetrack just seems to be taking things a bit far in my mind, but people do crazy things for their pets. To pick up just the car it will cost you £19.95 or about $36 or you can get the car and the racetrack for £34.95 or about $63 from the always hilarious Firebox.

Source: RGS

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