A random gallery of incredibly foolish USB drives

by ally - on September 19th, 2008

Flash drives have been made to look like all kinds of things. Some of them are very cool and even a little cryptic, which is always fun. Then other times it just blows my mind that someone found these to be a good idea. Well since it’s Friday and no one likes to actually do their work on Friday. Here’s a nice list of foolish USB drives to giggle over while procrastinating about doing whatever it is you’re actually supposed to be doing. Check out more after the jump and if you’re wondering what the one above is even supposed to be, it’s cabbage. Yes that’s right a cabbage USB drive. Pick that little gem up at Brando for $28.

What’s with the food? I mean really, who on earth wants to sit down to their computer to work only to see their flash drive and suddenly remember they are starving. You’d never get anything done. There are drives designed to look like different meats, cookies, pizza and even fruit. I could spend all day just posting all of the different food inspired USB drives.

Like this..

or this..

Then there are the shiny ones, why do they have to be so shiny?! Seriously, I’ve seen disco balls with less sparkle to them. Of course these shiny ones come straight from the infamous Solid Alliance, which is always great for a good laugh if nothing else.

Then finally there is of course the classic but always funny USB Humping Dog. Which isn’t actually a USB drive, but it’s so incredibly bizarre  that it’s worth a mention.  Pick it up for $15 here.

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  1. Jen says:

    The humping dog is still *the* worst USB-thing I’ve seen (it doesn’t even DO anything!), but that horrible cabbage is a close second…

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