Desktop Dream Palm Tree Pen

When you are sitting at the office, being swamped with work, surely the next step would be to wonder whether there are other times available on the calendar to take a break? Well, as an added incentive, you might want to get the $6.99 Desktop Dream Palm Tree Pen to spur you on. Yes, that […]


Stickets are clever looking sticky notes

Some of the essential office tools would be pens, pencils, a stapler, a calculator, and of course, sticky notes. After all, how else are you going to leave a message for someone at just about anywhere? Sticky notes do come in various forms, and the most common would be the square, yellow looking one from […]


Chocolate Tools

Hmmm, yummy chocolate. Who can actually resist those? Chocolates not only make you happy when you eat them, they are great for lifting the mood as well, and there is nothing quite like having some roasted marshmallows and hot chocolate on a cold night, is there? Well, if you love to collect chocolates that look […]


Shortest Break Ever Mug

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy – but there are instances where Jack too, would need to take a break – a short one, from whichever working cubicle that he is in. A quick walk to the water cooler perhaps, might help clear the mind of whatever niggling problem there is, […]


Superhero Mom Mug

Even if you do not say it, or realize it, mom does not need to wear a cape – she is a bona fide superhero in her own right. After all, how else is she going to juggle her career and family, and yet have to always carry this perpetual smile to ensure that the […]


Deep Sea Critter Lid Lifters

Cooking can be a very challenging task to indulge in – especially when you take into consideration how each dish is different, and will require various cooking times. Experience also comes in handy to know just when is the right time to turn off the flame, or to lower it. Having the right kind of […]


LaundryBoy Hamper

The GameBoy from Nintendo has proven itself to be a real cultural shift, where handheld gaming really took off – although its predecessor, the Game ‘n’ Watch, has also had its fair share of fans. Well, you can now relive your 8-bit portable gaming past with the $19.99 LaundryBoy Hamper, except that the LaundryBoy Hamper […]


Cat Paw Massager

Having a nice massage to soothe away the day’s stress is always nice, not to mention relaxing. I believe it will also help you get a clearer picture of things, and in the long run, prolong your life. What if you happen to be forever alone and are living on a really tight budget? Fret […]


Crash Dummy Doorstop + Bookend

Life would be extremely boring if you were not able to have any kind of humor injected into various situations. Too much seriousness is definitely not good – not only for you, but for everyone else as well. Having said that, if you are in the market for a doorstop or a bookend, forget about […]


Norimaki Sushi Roll Towel Gift Set

Fancy a gift for someone whom you know and love dearly, but do not really know what there is you can purchase? Take the road less traveled with something that is really, really creative – and this is where the $44 Norimaki Sushi Roll Towel Gift Set comes in extremely handy. This unique gift set […]


Playtape – it might drive you up the wall!

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but then again, if you were to play all day long, no work is going to get done at all. Having said that, the £9.99 Playtape is something that should have been invented far many decades ago, where it is capable of sticking itself to […]


Bird Poop Stickers

There seems to be this particular unwritten rule that has stood its ground for many decades now – each time you wash your car, birds somehow know or figure it out that the car’s been recently washed, and out of the entire row of rides, yours – the newly washed one, would be the one […]


Iyashi Octopus Sucker Massager

Mankind has a love hate relationship for octopi – some of us love eating it in the various kinds of preparation beforehand, others prefer to avoid octopuses at all costs, simply because of the rubbery texture, not to mention how slimy and yucky they look in the first place. If you fall into the latter […]


Gigantic Worry Eater

“Don’t worry, be happy” is one particular saying that I am pretty sure just about each and every single one of us have seen before in the past, and for good reason. Worrying is not going to add another day to our lives, and neither will it make our hair turn any darker – on […]


Photo Props Disguise Pen

If you happen to attend weddings these days, you would more or less know that there is this particular area at the wedding venue which will be known as the “photo booth”, and it is a place where you can snap zany looking photos, thanks to the presence of props. Well, you do not need […]


Fast Food Burger Box is actually an Insulated Sandwich Bag

Carrying your own lunch to school might be something that all of us can identify with, as food served at the cafeteria might not be the most tasty, although it is certainly convenient. Well, eventually when you settle down, your other half might pack you lunch to bring to your workplace. If that is the […]


Air Hockey Salt & Pepper Shakers

For those of you who have paid your regular visits to arcades and amusement centers over the years would have noticed one particular trend – the presence of air hockey tables, that is. These happen to be all the rage many years back, where it was a game of reflexes and basically, carom on overdrive, […]


Effing Soap

Soaps are supposed to wash away all that is dirty and unwanted, so that one will feel sparkling clean and nice. The thing is, what if the soap itself happens to be “dirty”? I am referring to the rather uncivilized and uncouth £7.99 Effing Soap. The name itself more or less gives the game away, […]


USB Doughnut Humidifier

It is definitely no fun to live in an environment where the air is extremely dry, as you end up with chapped lips and skin that is none too nice to touch. In fact, dry air would make any room uncomfortable, and in the extreme, it might cause nosebleeds to boot. This is a very […]


Kim Jong-Il Tongue Scraper

There are times when I do wonder whether it is worth making fun of leaders around the world, regardless of whether they lean more on democracy, a monarchy, or being communist. Surely the North Korean regime has been the laughing stock of the world for a number of decades now, although living under that regime […]


Grayscale Mac Keyboard Cover

If there is one thing that I cannot hold against Apple, then it would be this – they make really, really good looking devices. In fact, their hardware are so pristine and clean looking, that it feels almost like a waste and anathema to add on protective accessories in order to preserve such beauties. Having […]


First Contact Lens Case

I am quite sure that Star Trek fans would have watched Star Trek: First Contact before, although this was before the J.J. Abrams reboot. That term does offer itself up to be a very interesting wordplay when you take the $7.99 First Contact Lens Case into consideration. It will cater to the entire context of […]


Big Big Body Wipes

I know of facial wipes, as well as wet wipes that new parents love to purchase and use for their newborns, but a huge body wipe? Well, that sure as heck sounds like another word for a wet towel, really. Still, here is an idea that you might want to explore if you have a […]


Animal Head Shot Glasses

If you have always wondered about those trophies that adorn the walls of many a nobleman in the past, spare a thought for the poor animal who was simply minding its own business, before it was chased and hunted down, only to have its body desecrated to boot. Having said that, if you would like […]

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