Confetti Flip Flop Coasters

If you are one who tends to host parties, then I am quite sure you would want to be well equipped along the way, am I correct? If that is the case, then you might want to check out the $24.99 Confetti Flip Flop Coasters for your home. Should a small number of guests drop […]


Period Panties

It is said that the clothes maketh the man – and I believe that this extends to the ladies as well. After all, haven’t you felt good and sexy sometimes when you are wearing your favorite pair of panties with no one else other than yourself knowing which pair it is? That can be empowering, […]


Totoro Coin Purse

While some of us do happen to have neighbors that we would love to hate, right from the very bottom of our hearts, Totoro, a cute Japanese anime character, is touted to be everyone’s favorite neighbor. Get an overload of cuteness with the $19.99 Totoro Coin Purse then, where this unique coin purse will be […]


Sweet Scoops Sip Cup

When it comes to the choice of drinking utensils to choose from, there are way too many mugs out there to select. Some look zany, while others have what resembles words of wisdom imprinted all across. Well, if you do have a mischievous streak in you and would like to tempt some of your colleagues […]


Star Trek Klingon D’k tahg Letter Opener

Star Trek fans, just because you think that you have gotten every single collectible imaginable concerning the Star Trek universe at the moment, it always pays dividends to keep a keen eye out for something new. Case in point, this $24.99 Star Trek Klingon D’k tahg Letter Opener. Of course, as anyone familiar with the […]


Richie The Repeating Rabbit

Have you ever had the experience of talking to someone younger than you – including your baby brother or sister, only to have he or she talk back by repeating every single word that comes out of your mouth? It can get pretty irritating after a while, no doubt about that, and if you were […]


Happy Camper Mug

Are all mugs created equal? The answer is, definitely not! After all, you can never quite tell just which particular mug would make your morning coffee taste as though it is the best brew ever you have drank in your life. It is a really personal item, and apart from the usual mugs that have […]


Minecraft Foam Gold Pickaxe

Do you love all things Minecraft? If you have answered in the affirmative, then here we are with this unique convention weekend exclusive, where it arrives in a full size Minecraft Gold Pickaxe. Made out of heavy duty EVA foam, it is good for use for over 33 uses. The $19.99 Minecraft Foam Gold Pickaxe […]


Terror of the Deep Shark Glass

The movie “Jaws” by Steven Spielberg has been widely attributed to ignite a fear of sharks among the masses, never mind the fact that the world’s shark population is in a constant decline over the years because of overfishing, not to mention pollution in our oceans. Still, despite educational and informative programs being run from […]


Secret Service Earbuds

It certainly takes a whole lot for one to be part of the Secret Service, after all, you are tasked with the job of protecting the President of the USA at all costs, even if it means sacrificing your life for the most powerful man in the world. Popular culture has depicted Secret Service agents […]


Cat Lady Handheld Mirror

What do you think about the resident cat lady? Surely her home is not exactly the best place on earth in where you would like to head to and visit. Even more so if you happen to suffer from asthma or some sort of respiratory issues. Well, the $19.95 Cat Lady Handheld Mirror might not […]


Reusable Soda Can Lids & Straws

Straws are great for sucking – and in a good way, as there is nothing quite like gulping down an ice cold Coke in the middle of a hot summer with a straw. Well, there are times when there will be unexpected guests dropping in to your drink – literally, of course, such as an […]


Nenrin Mini Healing Speaker

A speaker that heals? This sounds a whole lot like bollocks, although there might be some folks out there who are desperate enough to part with a whopping $1,506 for the Nenrin Mini Healing Speaker. Hey, if it carries even the most remote of possibilities when it comes to bringing healing while one is desperate, […]


Bronze Spock Business Card Holder

The very idea of commerce and capitalism cannot be done away with, even when our civilization has successfully achieved the wonders of space travel, as humanity explores strange new worlds along the way. In fact, it is rather interesting to take note that lifeforms in other planets in the Star Trek universe are capable of […]


Tough Cookies Cookie Cutter

It does look as though the trend for tattoos is not going to let up anytime soon, so why not get on with the program instead? However, there is a right way of getting your tattoos done, in a safe manner so that you do not end up contracting a disease of one kind or […]


Radioactive Glowing Element Coaster Set

The art of hospitality should not be lost on anyone, and so the next time guests drop by your house and you would want to serve them some drinks – be they hot or cold, it would bode you well to check out the $19.99 Radioactive Glowing Element Coaster Set. This happens to be a […]


Trophy Shot Glass

There is nothing better than to retire right at the very top of your game, don’t you think so? It creates a legend right there and then, and that calls for a celebration. Many people do celebrate with some beer, and you can underline the experience with the $9.99 Trophy Shot Glass. This little puppy […]


Pro Thumb Wrestling Arena

Thumb wrestling is always a great way to release stress in a fun way, and it also does not include boozing that might induce one into a state of drunkenness. Since one is unable to thumb wrestle alone, a partner is always required, and if you would like to make things more realistic by spicing […]


Cake Samurai Knife

If there is no bread, you might want to eat cake, but that would only lead you to the guillotine. It is a good thing then that cake is a whole lot more affordable these days, and what better way to share the joy than with the rest of your mates, thanks to the $9.99 […]


The Drop is a horror novel toilet roll

You know the saying, where someone is scared “sh*tless”, or is so terrified that they actually soil their pants. Well, other than relying on the world of supernatural happenings to kick into gear, there is a way to ensure that you get the job done – yourself, of course, in the form of the £9.99 […]


Aroma Fork introduces a novel way of eating

I have not met a person who does not have any kind of favorite food to date – just about everyone has something that their tastebuds cannot resist. While some cultures do use their fingers when it comes to eating, others use utensils. Still, I think that using fingers when digging into a bucket of […]


Shoe Toss makes your lighting exquisite

Lighting up the home can be quite an adventurous experience and depending on your tastes, doing so can get quite expensive. If you have plenty of money to spare and would like to enhance the lighting in your home, perhaps you might want to check out the Shoe Toss. It is going to cost you […]


Decaf is for Wimps Mug

For those of us who love to drink coffee I am quite sure that we have a favorite mug to drink from. However, there seems to be this abomination known a decaf coffee going around, making it on par with that of non-carbonated Coke as well as low fat milk. It just does not seem […]


Doraemon Kakigori Shaved Ice Maker

Doraemon is a robotic cat who has traveled back in time to live with Nobita, and his magical pocket has more often than not saved the day for Nobita and his friends. I suppose you can more or less call this the Japanese equivalent of Calvin and Hobbes, except that Doraemon is no imaginary stuffed […]

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