Spray Can Crayons

Everyone has a story to tell – a story of humble beginnings, and even the most monstrous person whom you know would have had a trigger event in his or her life that has turned him or her into who you see today. Well, how about vandals? Perhaps they have a talent for art, but […]


Igloo Dome Pillow

Getting a good night’s sleep is extremely important for just about all of us, as it would allow us to function at our optimal level the next day. If it is a weekend or a holiday, all the better, since you get to sleep in late and really maximize every single second of shuteye. What […]


Map Knee High Socks

Socks – just how trendy can these be? I suppose socks would require more thought when it comes to matching one’s dress, but for the guys, well, anything dark colored will do – thank you very much. Still, if you have a zany sense of fashion and would like to stand out from the rest […]


Stink Cigarette Loads

I am quite sure that by now, everyone is well aware of the dangers of smoking and the health hazards that come with it. After all, no one would like to have a tarred lung, but then again, it is not all that easy to quit smoking. Some folks take the cold turkey route, while […]


Melting Mountain Candles

In the days of the apocalypse when the sky is being rolled back like a scroll, while the earth gives up its dead, you can be sure that mountains, too, will melt like wax. The terrible day of Judgement need not come so soon for many of us, since I am quite sure that there […]


Duncan Vintage Yo-Yo, Assorted Colors

Give a yo-yo to a child today, and he or she will most probably toss it away after less than a minute, simply because it is not interactive enough – there are no touchscreens to play with, and either does it emit a single sound. Not only that, messing it up would mean having to […]


Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix – Vol. 1 Pendant

If you happen to be a huge fan of Marvel’s recent movie, Guardians of the Galaxy – which is a rather obscure comic as opposed to the other more notable franchises that we have seen such as Thor, the Avengers and Iron Man, then you would surely not mind picking up this unique fashion accessory […]


Doctor Who: Tumbling Tardis Tower Game

Ever played Jenga? Now that is a game that requires really steady hands, especially when it gets late into the particular session, as less and less blocks are available for one to remove before the entire tower comes tumbling down. It is as much a cerebral game as it is a physical one, where being […]


Don’t Spill the Beans Keychain Game

When it comes to keeping secrets, not everyone is able to keep their mouths shut all the time, especially when pressure is applied to a particular situation. Well, here is a game that might just help you hone those skills – in the form of the $6.95 Don’t Spill the Beans Keychain Game. With this […]


Seed Bombs

Think that you do not have the kind of green fingers required to keep your leafy friends happy, instead of letting them wilt away? Here is a way to help you out – the £9.99 Seed Bombs, which so happen to be biodegradable garden grenades which disperse an abundance of seeds. It will be able […]


Gummy Burger

I have yet to see someone turn down a burger – other than vegans and those who avoid beef due to religious reasons, of course. Other than that, the burger has a universal appeal to it – after all, the smell of a freshly grilled meat patty complete with all the necessary garnishings and sauces […]


Booty Pop offers an instant lift

I am quite sure that just about all of us do wish that we will be able to look our very best each time we go out – for the very simple fact that the world, for the longest time, had always prided itself in beauty of the eyes and lust of the heart. Well, […]


Squirreliest Squirrel Feeder

Squirrels are really cute animals, where they happen to flit around as though they were running on air, really. Not only that, the way that they happen to chew on nuts are also way too cute. Well, some folks might love having a bird feeder around to keep our feathered friends happily well fed, while […]


Walking Dead Zombie Letter Opener

Fans of the Walking Dead TV series will definitely be more than familiar with the actual motions of violence going on in there, where a quick swing of Michonne’s katana would definitely have lopped off the head of many a zombie, not to mention sawed them undead – er, walkers, in half or more parts. […]


Hoopster’s Free Throw Mug

Mom has always admonished us not to play with our food, and to provide what we eat with the proper respect. After all, the backbreaking work of farmers alongside other people in the food chain all help to make what you are about to chow down a reality. Still, there are times when it can […]


Size Matters Cake Plate

Does size matter over performance? Not really, but when it comes to cake, you can be sure that size does matter. The next time you are about to head off to a party where you are 100% sure that cake will be served, it would be prudent of you to whip out the $32.99 Size […]


Olde Book Messenger Bag offers a new take on an old item

Bags – these happen to be accessories or add-ons that both genders would not mind carrying around, although the former would prefer to have a wider range or a virtually unlimited collection to work with and match their clothes. Having said that, how about merging the idea of a cute design with that of a […]


Convenient Store Erasers: Drinks and Snacks

If you happen to be one of those small, furry critters that run around in the middle of the night, hoping to snack on various food leftovers that the careless humans have left unattended to, then you might want to keep your paws crossed that the $3.95 Convenient Store Erasers: Drinks and Snacks would be […]


Annoying Baby on Board Prank

Babies are extremely cute – and who can ever forget the kind of smell that they carry, not to mention their smooth and soft skin, without any kind of blemish at all? Well, just like in life where there is a downside to everything, so too, are some babies more difficult to handle than the […]


Tetris 3D Cushions

I know that many of us who grew up playing video games would certainly have given this classic puzzler a go – Tetris! We have since seen Tetris emerge in a variety of formats, not to mention having made its way across multiple gaming platforms, with new challenges thrown into the mix all the time […]


Front loading washing machine now an aquarium

Now this is one DIY project that is definitely complicated, and while it looks cool, you might find the amount of effort to go through in making it a reality to not be worth the trouble involved. Rochester Appliance are the ones behind this particular idea of introducing additional visual appeal to their appliance showroom […]


Urinal Splash Danger Meter

All men out there – I would think it not strange to have come across this particular sign in restrooms – “Men, stand closer, it is shorter than you think.” That is always a hoot, but if there is one thing about urinals, it would be this – the danger of splashing your liquid excrement […]


The Stupid Alert Button

Stupid is as stupid does, so here is one particular device that you are able to purchase while making sure that the rest of the world will be alerted to level 10 stupidity whenever it its in the vicinity. I am talking about the $12.99 The Stupid Alert Button, where you will be able to […]


Kawaii Animal Duster Slippers

It is a good thing to be proud of one’s work, that is for sure. After all, being meticulous has its advantages, and it will also let you look good to the rest of your colleagues and superior, showing that you are made up of the right stuff. Well, keeping a house nice and clean […]

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