Spartan Knife Block

“We’ll fight in the shade,” came the rather curt reply which was dripping with sarcasm in the movie “300”. Well, the Spartans were a well oiled fighting machine that took no prisoners, and did not know the meaning of fear. Having said that, you might not have the kind of guts shown by King Leonidas […]


Genki-kun Toe Stretcher

Getting enough sleep, eating the right kind of food, as well as exercising in the correct manner are all stuff that we should do to make sure that we do our level best when it comes to being healthy – anything else that comes after that is purely out of our hands. Having said that, […]


Shark Cat Bed

Cats are strange creatures, really. They do have the ability to melt your heart at times with their behavior, but on the other hand, they can actually drive you nuts – darting around wildly, without any seeming rhyme or reason. You can also keep them occupied with a laser pointer, of course. Well, since you […]


Weed Money Coin Purse

Weed is legal in some states, and not in others. The same goes for its legality in various countries throughout the world, of course. Well, you know what they say about saving up money for a rainy day? What happens if you have been out there, trying to save money for a new stash of […]


M-Y Fronts offer a unique brief encounter

If you thought that wearing a pair of briefs is nothing out of the ordinary, then think again. The £16.99 M-Y Fronts certainly offer a little something different to the entire lot, where you can have your face – or that of a friend, or loved one even, printed onto a pair. It would be […]


Spark Rocks

Valentine’s Day is coming, and I am quite sure that many of you have already made the relevant preparations in order to ensure that everything would run smoothly on February 14th, ranging from the dinner preparations to the room afterwards. Well, if you would like to get the message across that you know for sure […]


Unicorn Valentine Glitter Bomb

Want to know how awesome you can be this Valentine’s Day? There is this particular $7.99 Unicorn Valentine Glitter Bomb, which would, as its name suggests, end up as a glitter bomb that looks cute as all get out. Each purchase would arrive with its very own personalized message – better not to make it […]


Obamacare Pillbox

Obamacare – it is said that one will be able to to afford a whole lot of medications with it, however, this would create a problem – where would you need to stash away all of those pills? Why, the $11.95 Obamacare Pillbox, of course! This happens to be a finely-made, high-chrome pillbox which will […]


Magic Heart Candle

Valentine’s Day is coming – so you might want to make sure that you have the relevant kind of decorations set up in order to meet the occasion. Of course, a candlelight dinner would be ideal – and hence, you might as well go the whole nine yards with the £7.99 Magic Heart Candle. It […]


Grow A Unicorn

Unicorns are magical creatures, or so that is what we have been told. After all, they do leave a rainbow trail behind – and poop gold, or so I have heard. All right, unicorns are but myths, and hence, it would not be too healthy to convince your little ones that unicorns are actual creatures, […]


Sugarcaster Guitar Spoon

If you have lived your life in a manner where you would want nothing better than to stand out from the rest of the crowd, perhaps it might be good if even your utensils are different from the rest. Surely you would not go wrong with the $5.99 Sugarcaster Guitar Spoon, where it is ideal […]


Cracked iPhone Screen Sticker

iPhones can be said to be one of the more desirable smartphone models out there in the market, so much so that they happen to fetch a decent value – even if it is a stolen handset. Hence, one might want to take extra care in making sure that your latest iPhone 6 or iPhone […]


Instant Nap in a Bottle Breath Spray

I don’t know about you, whether you believe in fairy tales that include magic beans which will grow into beanstalks that snake all the way to the sky so that you can retrieve a golden egg or a harp, but if you happen to fall under that magical category, then perhaps you are a prime […]


Nessie Ladle

Being in the kitchen does not mean that your tools would be limited to just the usual slew of forks, knives, spoons, chopping board and chopper. No sir, you would also want to make sure that the kitchen is a place that you would not mind spending hours in, whipping up delicious meals for family […]


Grow A Diamond Ring

Diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend – unfortunately for the lady whom you would like to woo and make her your wife, it could cost you an arm and a leg – or maybe even more than that. After all, there is the unspoken rule of forking out three months’ salary in […]


The Mug With A Glove

Baseball fans, listen up! It is about time you got serious with your drinking apparatus. After all, it is always good to wind down after a particularly stressful day at work, and doing so with your favorite hot beverage is always a refreshing experience. Why not show the world how much you love the sport […]


Grumposaur Plush Slippers

When the mercury drops, we scramble to make sure that we are well equipped to face the cold – including having enough layers covering us so that there is no need to crank up the dial for the heater. Well, a pair of slippers would also do you and all of your little piggies a […]


Heated Huggie Bear

When the temperature drops, it is always nice to have something to keep one warm and cozy. While heating can be rather expensive in the long run, not to mention that energy costs continue to rise, why not go for something more personal and cost effective? You can always wear slippers around the home, have […]


Game Over sliding puzzle

Puzzles can be fun to play – especially when you know that you need to work that brain of yours. The thing is, many of us are now starting to get knee deep in electronic games, so much so that traditional puzzlers are deemed to be boring. After all, there is no such thing as […]


Chocolate Dipped Peeps

It is all right to spend Valentine’s Day alone – nobody is going to flog you for that, this I am sure. After all, why bother spending a whole lot of money on an overpriced meal when you can have the very same 3-course dinner for half the price the next day? This $4.49 Chocolate […]


Official Left Hander’s Mug

Being a southpaw does have its fair share of advantages, but then again, there are also some disadvantages associated with being one. For instance, if you happen to be at a dining table during a sit down Chinese dinner, and everyone else is right handed, your left hand that wields the chopsticks will get in […]


Hands Stand ensures a (somewhat) hands-free reading experience

If you love reading books – you know, those traditional ones which come in sheets of paper instead of having to view them through a screen – E Ink or otherwise, then I am quite sure that you would have your fair share of bookmarks and other kinds of reading accessories, perhaps a portable reading […]


Redneck Plunger

When was the last time that your toilet was all clogged up? It certainly was far from being a pleasant experience, am I not correct? After all, the stench that comes from such a situation is far from inviting, and it is made even worse if there happens to be a water cut in your […]


The Perfect Man

Hunting down the perfect man can be pretty much akin to the quest for the Holy Grail, or perhaps being on the hunt for a unicorn, or looking out for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. All of those do not exist, and yes, there is no such thing as a […]

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