World’s Best Final Boss Mug

Most of us happen to work in life – after all, how else are you going to pay off all those bills at the end of the month? Having said that, it is also imperative that you fall into one of either two categories – those who work for others, and those who have others […]


Game of Gnomes

Summer is coming, so you would do well to ensure that preparations for this sunny season are well and in order If you would like to spruce up your garden a wee bit, then you can check out this unique addition that is sure to have onlookers and passers-by who are curious enough to take […]


Party Bowling

Bowling is a game – some say sport, that might prove to be trickier than originally expected. After all, there is a technique to the entire experience, and you would also need the relevant amount of skill to get the job done. The thing is, the more you drink while you bowl, chances are the […]


Squirrel Key Ring & Holder

Squirrels love to, er, squirrel away their collection of nuts for a day when they are unable to scavenge any kind of food out there. Well, at least they know where they put the good stuff, which is why it makes sense to purchase the $18.99 Squirrel Key Ring & Holder – as keys are […]


Magical Unicorn Magnet Set

We all know that unicorns belong in the realm of magical creatures, and it is nigh impossible to actually find out out there in the wild – for very obvious reasons, of course. They simply do not exist other than being in the realms of one’s imagination. Still, to tell that to your little one […]


Bachelorette Ring Shot Glass

Being single can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you look at things. However, if one of your girlfriends is about to get married, and she decides to throw a bachelorette party, perhaps it is time for you to do something zany – and by this, I clearly do not mean that […]


Tapped Wine Aerator & Stopper

There is this thing about letting wine breathe when you first open up the bottle, and if you would like to add a dash of pizzazz to the entire “ceremony”, so to speak, perhaps it might be a whole lot more interesting to include the $14.49 Tapped Wine Aerator & Stopper as part of your […]


DIY Wooden Greeting Cards

Most of the time, we would think that greeting cards are pretty much outdated in this day and age, thanks to a slew of e-greeting card sites that mushroomed a fair number of years ago, not to mention the fact that well wishes seem to be sent via social media and instant messaging these days. […]


Animal Head Shot Glasses

Let’s face the facts – you are not going to get away all that easy in this day and age if you were to go hunting and kill endangered species out there with wanton abandon. There are rules and regulations to follow, but if you really have that urge to go ahead, then you might […]


Ouch! Fruit Bandages

It is bad enough to sustain a nasty cut while you are in the kitchen, or suffer from a deep laceration on your knee when you fall down unintentionally. After applying some antiseptic to make sure that the wound is cleaned, bandaging it right is also important. If the cut is small, then you might […]


The Potty Piano

It is always nice to have themes when it comes to the home, as it makes it a whole lot easier to figure out just what to get for the home the next time you go shopping. Well, if you are out shopping in the near future, and think that the toilet or bathroom needs […]


Game Over Mug

A mug can be a very personal thing, and so, if you are sick and tired of all those ordinary looking drinking implements, you would do well to check out this rather unique looking piece of ceramic ware for the home – or office, that is. I am referring to the $12.49 Game Over Mug, […]


Soapsox adds some fun to bath times

While I was growing up, I did come across a fair number of comics that had the protagonist engage in annual baths. Living in a tropical climate, this is certainly unthinkable to say the least, especially when you take into consideration how hot and humid it can get, even right after you step out from […]


Lil’ Lager Baby Bottle

Start them young, and start them right. On the correct values and choices, of course. Drinking is a good habit – if you are going to drink a lot of water, that is. However, if you would like to let your little one follow in your footsteps when he or she is 18 and legal […]


Star Trek Kirk Drink Kooler

If you love to end the day with a tipple of your favorite alcoholic beverage, then it would do you a whole world of good if you were to check out the $7.99 Star Trek Kirk Drink Kooler. After all, space will not be the final frontier this time around, but rather, it would be […]


DJ Grater

If there is one particular thing about music that I can say, it would be this – music certainly has the ability to calm down the soul, as well as excite the senses, depending on the genre that one is listening to. If you have the intention of going for a gym workout, surely listening […]


Superhero Dad Mug

Mother’s Day is over, and now we can gear up and look forward to Father’s Day. Just what would you like to get dad this coming Father’s Day? Other than the usual tie and belt set, there is another classic gift – a mug. If you are that dry on ideas, and would like to […]


Pussy Poet

Do you have a way with words, especially with your other half, so much so that it is extremely easy to be able to melt his or her heart with some carefully crafted poetry? Well, if you happen to lack the gift of a wordsmith, but would like to hone your skills, then the £10.99 […]


Grow Your Own Hairy Beaver

Some of us keep live pets as a form of recreation, some others prefer something that does not need that much maintenance – perhaps a plant would be good. A cactus is pretty much a no-brainer, especially if you are not one who is used to watering plants, but if you happen to have some […]


Crossword Puzzle Mug

Most of us do happen to start the day off with our favorite beverage, and a piping hot one would do just fine. After all, there is nothing quite like having a dose of caffeine to hit our system in order for us to get back on track. Well, our brains will then start to […]


Machete Spatula

You are well versed in the arts of BBQ-ing, and definitely know how important it is to be able to have the right tools so that whatever is being grilled or BBQ-ed at the moment will turn out right for the hungry and waiting palates. The thing is, you might want to have something that […]


Floating Birthday Drink Candle

Birthdays are truly wonderful occasions, and they are definitely worth celebrating. The thing about birthdays is, there must be some sort of cake to go along with the event, and whenever there are cakes, there needs to be candles to indicate just how many years you have been on the earth. Let’s say that you […]


Unicorn Snot

Unicorns are special creatures, magical ones even, as we read about them in storybooks and fairy tales. In fact, in the Harry Potter series, it is a crime to kill a unicorn, let alone drink its blood. Well, if everything is so magical concerning the unicorn, how then would its snot fare? You can give […]


Spiderman Shooter Spray

Have you watched Avengers: Age of Ultron yet? That was certainly a fun movie, although it is starting to get a bit jaded at the edges as there are just so many times you can see earth’s mightiest heroes come together. Having said that, Spiderman himself has been a silver screen blockbuster, but they aren’t […]

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