Moon Glow in the Dark Soap

There is nothing quite like washing yourself down with hot water at the end of a particularly gruelling day at work, be it at the office or out in a construction yard. The dirt can get under your skin, figuratively speaking, and that is not too healthy for the rest of your interaction. When you’re […]


Rock Chick Guitar Nail File

Do you think that you are a badass rocker, who have some pretty mean tunes in your fingers that you just want to let loose? Well, if you have answered in the affirmative, perhaps you might want to check out this cute little $7.99 Rock Chick Guitar Nail File. The name of this special purchase […]


Let your cat poop in Middle-earth

So you love your pet cat to bits – so much so that you want nothing but the very best for it. It might have more than one ball of yarn to play with, and it also loves having you around as you flick on that laser pointer, where it chases the point of light […]


Wolf Mask

I know that there is an animal inside of you, so if you would want to let it out, what do you do? Of course, you can always let the baser instincts loose, but that might be more detrimental to your permanent relationships in life such as your marriage than you could ever imagine. Perhaps […]


Tongue-In-Cup Tea Infuser

I know that we are supposed to brush our teeth and tongue each day to get rid of any bacteria that builds up along the way, but here we are with a play on the tongue that is certainly worth checking out. If you love to have your afternoon teas, then the $9.99 Tongue-In-Cup Tea […]


Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Cutlery Set

Sonic screwdrivers are something that is always associated with the Doctor Who series, and here we are with a trio of sonic screwdrivers that will do nothing but to help you send food down your mouth. Yes sir, each of the handles found in the $29.99 Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Cutlery Set happens to resemble […]


Executive Knight Pen Holder

Now this is a pen holder that would be a whole lot different from what you are used to, as it lets you feel as though you have that sense of regal entitlement. I am referring to the $29.99 Executive Knight Pen Holder, where this knight will be able to hold what should be the […]


Puppy Pile Up

I don’t know about you, but I have yet to meet someone who finds it incredibly difficult to fall in love with puppies. I mean, who does not melt when he or she sees an entire bunch of puppies? Assuming you are about to make your first trip to the Far East, and would like […]


Rest Up Pillow Spoon Rest

Cooking can be extremely hard work, there is no denying it. Just in case you feel as though you would like to complain that you are eating the same thing for the second time in three weeks, perhaps you might want to try your hand at whipping up three square meals a day for your […]


Kobayashi Mug

Truth might be stranger than fiction, but this does not discount the fact that there are moments when you could let your imagination run a little bit wild, where you re-enact the pivotal scene from a classic crime thriller – and you can do so with the £9.99 Kobayashi Mug in tow. This is not […]


Bucket of Doom

Ah, the holiday season is upon us again – this means that there will be family reunions. While most family reunions might be fun, some of us cannot stand the sight of other relatives. Perhaps knowing them better might help break down the wall of hostility, and with the £14.99 Bucket of Doom, that might […]


Pokerface Pocket Mirror

Have you ever had anyone come up to you and say, “You’re so vain”? Well, you might recoil in horror and disgust at first, since you think that you are the total opposite – and your ego has taken a beating here. Well, practice your poker face the next time around so that nothing else […]


Check It Off Wrist Notes

Post It Notes are extremely useful when it comes to remembering just what you need to do, as you can place these notes on just about anywhere. Having said that, what if you have a forgetful brain, and yet are stubborn enough not to use the memo app on your smartphone? This is where the […]


Flashing Red Reindeer Nose

There are moments in life when the animal kingdom does seem to look to be a whole lot more humane than us humans, making us wish that humanity has not dropped so deep into the different levels of depravity. Well, in order not to sound too gloomy or anything, how about getting on with the […]


Panda Heat Change Mug

Pandas are such cute creatures, but they happen to be an endangered species. They are not predators by nature, amble along slowly at their own pace, chew on some bamboo whenever hungry, heck – all of that starts to make me wonder just what the main function of a panda is in the great scheme […]


Doughnut Bean Bag

Doughnuts – those are certainly worth checking out, since they are fantastic snacks to chew upon, not to mention offering you a sweet sugar rush as and when required. Being the comfort food of choice for many a person, the £89.99 Doughnut Bean Bag that you see here will not be able to fill up […]


Doctor Who TARDIS Spatula

Whipping up something delicious in the kitchen can be quite a challenge, especially when you are also working outside, so much so that you would need to constantly extend your horizons in order to find out different recipes that would make your family’s taste buds tick. Well, if you are a Doctor Who fan and […]


Kitchen Bubble Scrubber

Chores can be such a bore at times, but you know for sure that there is always the ability to introduce an element of fun so that the overall load will be lightened. Well, if you are on the lookout for a kitchen scrubber, why not settle for the $8.99 Kitchen Bubble Scrubber? This is […]


Snow Stompers: Bear Feet

If you are one with an overactive imagination and would like to regale your children with tales of a monster out in the woods around the log cabin that you and your family are holidaying in, then getting a pair of these $21.95 Snow Stompers: Bear Feet would make plenty of sense. After all, these […]


NoPhone helps you wean off your smartphone addiction

In most metropolitan cities around the world, you would most probably see your fair share of “phone zombies” – that is, folks who walk around to their destination, and yet having their eyes firmly glued over to the smartphone, as though they were moving around using their peripheral vision alone. Phone addiction is a very […]


Critical Hit D20 Rug

A rug would come in pretty handy when it comes to keeping one’s feet nice and warm, especially during the cold, winter months. After all, it would be the rug that would help ensure that your feet do not end up freezing when you walk around at home without having to wear a pair of […]


Mini Batman Signal

Some superheroes are blessed with extraordinary powers, where these happen to be bestowed naturally, or through some sort of accidental means – a gamma radiation accident, being bitten by a radioactive spider, getting struck by lightning – the list goes on. What about ordinary humans who push the boundaries of what being a human is, […]


Lego Block Slippers

Now that winter has set in for those of us living in the northern hemisphere, it would make perfect sense to ensure that one remains nice and warm at home. This would mean turning up the heat, or for those who prefer to last as long as possible without having to touch the heater, wearing […]


Olde Book Pillow Holiday Classics

Some folks actually find reading to be one of the ways to fall asleep, despite the fact that the book is supposed to tickle one’s imagination (if reading fiction or a biography for instance), and we are not even talking about medical textbooks in this case. Well, if you find yourself nodding off in the […]

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