Farting Fine Box

Now here is a rather unique coin box that will certainly make the best of a potentially disastrous situation. Just what am I referring to? Farting can be a potentially embarrassing situation for just about anyone, regardless of whether you are blue-blooded or not. If you would like to institute a rule in your home […]


Toilet Seat Turd

There are some times when you absolutely need to go – to pay a deposit, so to speak, into the porcelain throne. Of course, if you stay alone and have an en suite bathroom, then it should be no problem at all. However, if you happen to share a house or apartment with other people, […]


Unicorn Squirrel Feeder

So you happen to have a garden that is blossoming really well, and other kinds of animal life like to frolic in your beautifully manicured lawn. The squirrel flits around all over the place, as though floating from one blade of grass to another with effortless ease. Since you have already set up a bird […]


Unicorn Paperclip Holder

Unicorns are special creatures – mythical ones, of course, but they have definitely captured the imagination of the masses over the years. In fact, in certain games, unicorns are depicted as pooping rainbows. Of course, this bust of a unicorn is not going to poop anything at all, but one “magical” aspect of it is, […]


Belt Buckle Flask

I don’t know about you, but there seems to be all the rage of a “man bag” in this day and age, where guys carry a somewhat feminine looking purse, and hold all of their stuff in there. It does not look very becoming to tell you the truth, and hence there are certain quarters […]


The Magnificent Donut Hole Coffee Mug

Having a donut to munch on while you are working is fine and dandy, but something is definitely missing from the equation if you would like the “perfect couple” to exist. I am referring to the presence of coffee – surely said donut would taste a whole lot better then? What better way to pair […]


Mystical Unicorn Rainbow Tape Dispenser

I don’t know about you, but I guess there are several creatures in this world (mythic ones or otherwise) that have a universal appeal to everyone, and the magical unicorn seems to be one of them. Rainbows and unicorns do seem to go together hand-in-hand, and perhaps this is why the $12.99 Mystical Unicorn Rainbow […]


King for the Day Inflatable Crown

So you have seen how there are still a few more monarchies left in this world that command the respect and adoration of the masses, which means there is very little or no danger of those countries or states being turned into a republic – for the moment, at least. It is also said that […]


Monster Fingernail Friends

So you feel like you are going to be a little bit naughty, aren’t you? Well, there are many different ways and methods to give in to such cheekiness, and one of them would be to get a tattoo, although that should be advised against if you happen to be a wee bit drunk as […]


Totally Pawsome Crazy Cat Lady Mug

Have you ever wondered how come there has been so much talk about cat ladies, but just about nothing is mentioned about dog ladies? Perhaps the latter is but a myth, or the level of occurence is really so, so low, that it is virtually non-existence. Still, if you happen to know a cat lady, […]


Farty Pants Sound Machine Keychain

Farting in public can prove to be a rather embarrassing situation for just about anyone, especially when you are stuck in an elevator and everyone knows that you are the culprit. Of course, it would help the situation if you could let loose one of those ‘silent killers’, but for those of us who have […]


Snail Trail Highlighter

Have you played Crossy Road before? While all of the characters in there happen to share the same kind of movement mechanics, it must be said that some of them happen to feel a whole lot faster than the rest, and for those who settle for the snail, there is a slimy trail that it […]


Escape! Deep Sea Critter Lid Lifters

Spending time in the kitchen can be a rather therapeutic experience, as some of us might actually find out that we have a hidden culinary skill that would certainly be able to do stave hunger away, and then to do so in style, now how about that? Well, if you love boiling stuff, perhaps you […]


Shouting Boogerballs

I know that many of us are now responsible, grown up adults, and we do have to maintain a certain level of decorum in our behavior in public. However, things do get rather stressed up at the office from time to time, which is why it is perfectly alright to enjoy a little bit of […]


Windows 95 Playing Cards

Ah, do you still remember Windows 95 and all that entails the operating system? It certainly had its fair share of quirks and fun, and one of the many games in which folks played frequently would be Solitaire, and upon completing the level, the cards would start jumping crazily all over the place. Well, it […]


Small Pecker Condoms

It is more often than not said that the size doesn’t count where conjugal relations are concerned, but rather, the girth of the member that is what offers pleasure to the receiving party. Having said that, regardless of the size of one’s “weapon”, it is said that equal rights too, should apply in this particular […]


Steamship Telegraph Watch

Let’s face it – the watch is more of a fashion accessory in this day and age than an essential tool that one brings around in order to tell the time. After all, our computers already do a pretty darn good job at figuring out just what time it is at this point in time, […]


Poopy Pen

The world is full of bull crap these days, and just in case you have something that you would like to rant and rave in the written word without having to resort to a virtual keyboard or an actual one on a notebook or desktop, then perhaps you can do so with the $3.99 Poopy […]


Thinking Hat Beer Helmet

Thinking can be hard work – so hard, in fact, that you would need to provide your brain with the necessary level of energy required in order to achieve a breakthrough thought in a particularly difficult or challenging situation. Well, if you would like to look a wee bit silly and at the same time […]


Pooping At Work Hand Sanitizer

All work and no play certainly makes Jack a dull boy, and if you do not like to be dull at your workplace, but would want to spruce things up by quite a bit, then the $6.99 Pooping At Work Hand Sanitizer would certainly be worth checking out. After all, people do get close to […]

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The Simplest Essay Solution Ever before

The Simplest Essay Solution Ever before Coming up with essay regarded as a accountable give good results, which intends the independent penned focus on the projected subject with designated trend and format. It is a reasonably a challenge design of showing one`s insights. Just about every single essay copy writer needs to have a extremely […]


Bot I Know Where We Are Necklace

A necklace is a fashion accessory of sorts that many people would love to have, especially the ladies, since it involves making the neck look a little bit more fashionable not to mention less bare, although a plunging v-line tends to draw the attention of one’s eyes elsewhere. But I digress – the $14.99 Bot […]


Justice League Paper Clips

Come on now, the folks over at the Justice League certainly deserve a whole lot more than this, that is, to keep your collection of papers nice and neat, as opposed to saving the whole world from some sort of extra-dimensional threat or extraterrestrial presence. Well, I suppose when times are hard and there is […]


Now Is A Good Time Watch

Whenever someone asks you for the time in the future, perhaps you can humor them with this $16.99 Now Is A Good Time Watch. After all, since we have come into the new year, it would be ideal to say that the fresh start is welcomed by most, if not every single person. There is […]

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