It Came from the 80’s Doll Hair Hat

Wearing a hat does require some sort of special aura if you were to pull it off, and not everyone is able to do so well. In fact, the Queen of England is a prime example when it comes to looking good with a hat on, but assuming you do not have that kind of […]


Superman Crazy Foam

We all know that Superman is this all round action hero, basically a good guy who works as a reporter by day, but is the savior of earth many times over from external threats as well as internal ones. Well, here is not a good way to pay homage to him, but it is fun […]


Fresh, Cold & Delicious Beer Top Popper

If you are still living alone but have a wide network of friends, and happen to love having a good time at the end of each week to wind down from your work, then there is nothing quite like having a nice, cold beer, right? Well, the next time you would like to simply chill […]


Fake Winning Lottery Tickets

Everyone wants to strike it big at least once in life where the lottery is concerned, and the more times, the better, isn’t it? The $3.99 Fake Winning Lottery Tickets might just make the day of your worst enemy who happens to be down on his luck, especially in financial matters, except that he will […]


Whoopee Cushion Mug

There is nothing quite like waking up in the morning and dispelling all of that drowsiness with your favorite caffeine-infused drink. The thing is, you might not have the best roasted beans all the time, and neither can the water quality be deemed to be consistent enough. Perhaps all of those are out of your […]


Bang Head Here Tin Sign

Whenever you are frustrated, you might feel like taking out your frustrations somewhere – or on someone, or even your pet dog or cat. Well, some of us might bang the table, while competitive PC gamers will most probably be able to identify with this – by hitting their keyboard with force when they missed […]


Apeeling Banana Pillow

Getting enough rest is definitely something that all of us would like to have, especially in this day and age where there is plenty of stress in one’s life. You might have the most expensive bed in the whole world, but if you are unable to get some sleep, what use is that to you? […]


Selfie Extreme Stick

Everywhere you turn these days, you would see selfies pervade the situation – on social media, perhaps even in the newspaper. After all, we are growing to be a narcissistic community, where every person is for him or herself, and shooting selfies – and even wefies, are extremely common. Well, if all of your friends […]


Testical Tea Bag

If you would like to have a little bit of potty humor at your dining table, perhaps checking out this $10.99 Testical Tea Bag might be worth doing. After all, a tea bag is a tea bag, but when it comes in the shape of a pair of testicles, then you can be sure that […]


Udderly Cow Salt + Pepper Shakers

If there are a couple of staples that should be there on every kitchen table, then it would be the salt and pepper shaker, no two ways about it. The thing is, there are way so many ordinary looking salt and pepper shakers, that you would most probably make a purchase without thinking twice. Well, […]


Basil Backpacking Panda Planter

Don’t you think that pandas are extremely lovable creatures? I suppose with the bamboo curtain falling down for quite some time already, and with China growing to be an economic force that the world should reckon with, you can be sure that anything there is to do with pandas will elicit some interest. Well, the […]


Hungry Hippo Wall Pocket

Hippos are huge creatures, and they are definitely not meant to be trifled with – especially when they are in their element, which would be in a pool of water. Gentle giants, so to speak, but when one of them is enraged, you might want to watch out! Being so large in size when fully […]


Potato Chip Grabber Stunt Double

There is nothing quite like sinking into a comfortable seat in a cool environment, while waiting for a movie that you have been waiting for for a long, long time to screen, with your loved one by your side. Oh yeah, what is a movie without some snacks by the side, right? While popcorn has […]


Flower Power USB Daisy Diffuser

Everyone loves flowers – the ladies more so than men, but one thing is for sure, flowers have this soothing and calming effect, even more so if they are accompanied by this pleasant fragrance. Having said that, the $12.99 Flower Power USB Daisy Diffuser would be a rather apt mobile accessory for the road warrior […]


Ouch! A Daisy Bandages

Getting hurt or scraping your skin is not something that everyone would like to experience – it is not pleasant at all, and you will definitely have to go through some fair bit of pain, even more so when the wound is deep, not to mention run the risk of infection if it is not […]


Action Hero Beach Blanket

Hate beach bullies and the way they kick sand into the face of helpless, thin folks over at a holiday destination? Perhaps it is time you put a stop to this practice, simply by advertising to the rest of the world to watch out for you, as you strategically lay yourself and your bronzed body […]


Emoji Pillows

Now don’t you think that emojis are the next best thing since sliced bread where sharing how you feel over a text message, email or social media are concerned? After all, a picture speaks a thousand words, and a single emoji certainly goes a long way, too. With that, perhaps you might be interested in […]


Gourmet Scented Donut Stress Ball

The modern day office drone has plenty of stuff to worry about – whether it is backstabbing colleagues who might just have something up their sleeves to change the dynamics of power in the office, or perhaps demanding clients who want the entire moon – and then some, but are pretty miserly with their monetary […]


Never Ending Birthday Card

We all would absolutely love in being young forever, don’t we? After all, aging can be quite a chore – especially when the wrinkles start to appear, and your face becomes all wizened – not to mention you seem to lose all the strength of your youth, and vigor for life. Well, we are all […]


Sharknado 3 Bobbleheads

Some things, just like movies, do not need any good reason to exist, no matter how weird the premise is in the first place. Sharknado is a prime example of that, where the idea of sharks swirling around in a pack in a tornado, picking of its victims one by one, is downright outrageous, but […]


Froggie Lid Lifter

If there is one striking advice about life that I have heard and seen illustrated many times over, it would be this – the simple minded frog, when placed in a pot of water, feels at home. However, as the water in the pot is being heated up, the frog will not think of itself […]


Queen for the Day Crown

Some of us might say that our wives is the queen of our hearts, and for the little children, they would most probably designate that position to their beloved moms. Well, if you would like to crown your other half as such, but are extremely hard up for diamonds and gold at the moment, there […]


Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet Mug

A mug is just that – a mug. However, it can be a useful item to have around, especially at the office, to state your belief in a particular system or idea. Or perhaps, to share your sentiments with those around you without having to say it out, or to offer support for your favorite […]


Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Baby Groot Mug

Now this is an interesting conundrum to have – the $14.99 Guardians of the Galaxy Dancing Baby Groot Mug has a truly unique claim, citing that the baby Groot in it will dance whenever you are not looking. Yeah, it is one of the unverifiable claims, and I suppose training a video camera on it […]

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