Sumo Egg Cup Set

Do you love to have hard boiled eggs? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would most probably want to have a decent egg holder, and for those who have a sense of humor, the £11.99 Sumo Egg Cup Set will definitely carve a smile on your face – as well as those […]


Stress Poo Ball

It looks as though life does get very stressed up for just about any of us – and this is pretty normal, apparently, especially in this day and age where runs at an extremely fast pace, making it really difficult to keep up, and all too easy to fall behind. Well, if you are stressed, […]


Sandwedge Doorstop

Do you happen to live in a home where it is so drafty, so much so that any door that you leave open by accident would be blown shut, and in a startling manner to boot, in double quick time? Perhaps it is time to check out a way to prop your door open, and […]


Jolly the Squirrel Gutter Guardian Downspout Statue

I am quite sure that just about every single one of us are familiar with the idea or concept of a gargoyle sitting right atop buildings to ensure that the particular building remains protected under their watchful gaze. Still, stone statues are not going to scare anyone these days, which is why the $19.95 Jolly […]


Skyler the Climbing Squirrel Statue

They say that art imitates life at times, and I will definitely not argue with that since there are more than enough precedents to confirm this observation throughout the passage of time. Having said that, sculptures and still art does have their own sense of worthiness, and if you are a sucker for those, perhaps […]


Have A Whale Of A Time Drink Markers

Whenever you go out with the rest of your mates to have a smashing good time, crawling from one pub to another, surely you would most probably end up the night piss drunk, having had too much to drink along the way. Well, if you are at a party, or know that you are in […]


Bodily Candles

Candles offer soft light, which is crucial in setting up a particularly romantic mood for sure. The thing is, if you happen to have a great love for all things from horror movies accompanied by a twisted sense of humor, you might end up going after the £19.99 Bodily Candles, where it will arrive in […]


Shit Ur Old Candles

Hmmm, we do seem to be on a candle streak today, so why not end it with candles – except that this one will be a whole lot more snarky as opposed to creepy. I am referring to the $4.99 Shit Ur Old Candles. After all, candles are used to depict a person’s age on […]


Hero for a Day

Everyone needs a little bit of encouragement once in a while – it not only helps them get back on their feet after they have been knocked over, but it also puts a smile on their face. After all, even Superman would need a pat on the back from time to time, otherwise it would […]


Space Odyssey Plush Shuttle Slippers

If you have quite the avid imagination, perhaps it is time for some out-of-this-world thinking. I am referring to the $24.99 Space Odyssey Plush Shuttle Slippers, where they will be able to transform your feet into space shuttles, although you will most probably be limited to moving about in the confines of your own home […]


Salt + Magic Shakers

Forget about your regular salt and pepper shakers, the $10.99 Salt + Magic Shakers would definitely be a whole lot more exciting and fun to use. After all, these are not your standard issue salt and pepper shakers, but rather, they have been specially shaped in order to resemble that of magic wands – allowing […]


Queen of the Shower Cap

Some people do take their own sweet time to bathe, and even more so after a particularly long and difficult day at work. Having said that, if you know of a lady in your life who takes way too long to shower in the mornings – or whatever time she chooses to do so, then […]


Iron Man Comics Bust Bank

It is always a good idea to start saving up for a rainy day right from the very beginning, or at the very least, teach our little ones that quality right from the time they are young. Well, Tony Stark, the great Iron Man of Marvel Comics fame, who is a super rich and extremely […]


Desktop Dream Palm Tree Pen

Work is essential – it not only helps to keep the mind sharp, but work also offers satisfaction (not for all though) and more importantly, helps to put food on the table at the end of the day. Still, one is unable to continue working for the entire year without taking a break – a […]


The Force Is With You Golf Club Covers

So, you happen to have a great love for the game of golf, and at the same time, are also head over heels with the Star Wars franchise. What are you supposed to do then, since golf is a serious game, and yet you would like the world to know how much your allegiance is […]


Beer Briefcase

Now if you have always wanted to have a witty answer to the question of one who looks at your bulging beer belly and asks where is your six pack, simply pull out the $39.99 Beer Briefcase, and with a cheeky smile, open it up to reveal the secret to your beautiful rotund gut! This […]


Jurassic Fossil Mug

So, there is going to be a new Jurassic Park movie slated for the future, which just goes to show how these corporations and executives in the movie do not use their brains and think of the repercussions of coming up with a dinosaur theme park. Well, if you would want to join in on […]


Take Out Box Laundry Hamper

Dirty laundry needs to be washed – there are no two ways about that for sure, but just how do you separate your dirty laundry from the clean ones? A laundry basket will most definitely help, this is for sure, and if you would want to get even more creative, how about settling for the […]


Greedy Pig Piggy Bank

Pigs have more or less gained a rather notorious reputation of being greedy animals – so much so that they have been pictured to be real fat and dirty. Well, greed is not just a trait that one can associated with these porkers, but humans too, have plumbed the depths of greed from time to […]


Pop n’ Pour Beer Mug

Now this is one beer mug that you should seriously consider if you happen to be a pretty strong drinker. After all, when you need your next dose of booze, you are simply unable to wait too much longer, which means that opening up the next bottle is better done by yourself. However, it so […]


Melting Watch still tells the time

Now this is a rather weird design, as though it is something that hails from the mind of some sort of fiction writer. I am referring to the $12.49 Melting Watch, where as its name suggests, will still be able to tell the time, save for the fact that it does so in a style […]


Anatomical Heart Needle Felting Kit

No, we are not encouraging or teaching you how to perform some sort of voodoo rituals by casting a spell on someone whom you hate, before inflicting untold pain on their chest by inserting needles into their effigy, although some folks might actually beg to differ with the $15 Anatomical Heart Needle Felting Kit by […]


Soup Can Laundry Basket

A laundry basket is normally something that we do not take into account when it comes to decorating up the home, but perhaps this £11.95 Soup Can Laundry Basket might help you change your mind. It definitely is a whole lot larger in size as opposed to your regular soup can, although it does depict […]

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