Bunny Stapler

Not all staplers are created equal, and considering how we are about to celebrate Easter later this weekend, here is something that you might want to consider picking up in order to be part of the celebrations. Granted, there is no Biblical basis for a bunny in the Easter story, but it has already made […]


Bulldog Pillow

Anyone who has owned a dog before would most probably be able to identify with the pose that you see above in the $29.99 Bulldog Pillow – this is the classic look on your dog’s face when you are trying to teach it to “Stay” in place, as you hold its favorite treat in one […]


Bomb Pen and Explosion Note Pad Set

There are times when you are required to make use of bombastic words in your writing, but if your brain fails you, and you do not happen to have access to a thesaurus, might I suggest taking things a wee bit more literally – with the $9.99 Bomb Pen and Explosion Note Pad Set, of […]


Knit Your Own Dog Kit

Most of the time, if one of your kids ask you for a dog and you relent, you would drive down to the nearest kennel or pet store and pick up a breed of your choice. Alternatively, there are always electronic pets that give you some semblance of what an actual pooch would be like […]


Edward Snowden Whistleblower Bottle Opener

I am quite sure that by now, most of us would have already know or read about Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who blew the lid open about the NSA. Well, spying can be hard work, and as all hard workers can tell you, they too, need a little bit of rest and relaxation from time […]


French Fry Pen

I am not quite sure about you, but french fries are meant to be eaten, and not used as some sort of writing instrument. I suppose your sanity might be questioned if you were to bring the $4.99 French Fry Pen over to a boardroom meeting, as folks there might think that you have mistakenly […]


Reluctant Bride Cake Topper

Throughout the history of mankind, I do wonder whether there are more reluctant brides than grooms at the altar. What do you think? If you know the couple that is about to get married really well, as though they were your own family, then it might be worth playing a prank on them with the […]


Left-Handed Mug

I myself am a southpaw, and living in a world that is dominated by right handed people, life can get a little bit inconvenient at times. After all, can openers do not work the way I envision them to, and driving stick can be quite a challenge as well. Perhaps it is time to have […]


Ham ‘n’ Eggs Kitchen Set

There’s salt and pepper, cats and dogs, which means life is incomplete when you have ham – without eggs. For the longest time, you have been the one slogging away in the wee hours of the morning, serving breakfast to those at home, so why not turn the tables around this time by letting breakfast […]


Paper Submachine Gun

Who would have thought that the day will come when firearms can be flat packed? The thing is, you might want to be more careful and think twice about bringing the £24.99 Paper Submachine Gun with you on your travels especially when you’re flying, since it can get you into a tight spot – not […]


Lip Sticks Chopsticks

Getting used to a pair of chopsticks does not come naturally for everyone, especially if you grew up your entire life using knives, forks and spoons to shovel food into your mouth. Well why not start them young when it comes to chopstick training with the $7.99 Lip Sticks Chopsticks? After all, as its name […]


Star Wars Salt & Pepper Shakers

Just when you thought that you have seen all the different kinds of wacky salt and pepper shakers, here we are with something that will appeal to Star Wars fans for sure – the $17.99 Star Wars Salt & Pepper Shakers. There will be no Light side vs Dark side theme here, as the Stormtrooper […]


Drink Guard Raft

So, it is Friday – which means the time has come for you to wind down and really enjoy the weekend, especially after the shift that you had put in throughout the week. Well, what better way for you to do so than with a few rounds of drinks to loosen those tense muscles? Of […]


Crack a Smile Egg Mold

Eggs can be considered to be the superfood for many, as it contains plenty of protein and has more than enough calories within to help you get started on the right note each morning, never mind that you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Well, even if you or your partner did, […]


Light Saber Sunglasses

Yoda had this uncanny ability to tap into the power of the Force and see whether a particular padawan had a bright future or not, and I am surprised that he did not need a pair of these $19.99 Light Saber Sunglasses to help him see young Anakin Skywalker’s bright future. Perhaps being clouded by […]


Toaster Sponge Holder

For those of you who do spend quite a fair amount of time in the kitchen, I am quite sure that you do your dish washing by hand for certain items instead of sending everything into the dishwasher to get the job done. This would mean using a sponge of sorts to help keep every […]


Luchador Eraser Set

I grew up with the likes of Hulk Hogan, Jake the Snake Man Roberts, Macho Man Randy Savage, and the Ultimate Warrior (RIP) on my TV set, and even rented video tapes of Wrestlemania back then. Such wrestlers gave me a form of mental escapism from the rigors of a student life, and when you […]


Beaker Tea Infuser

Forget chemistry – here we are with “chemis-tea”, thanks to the $9.99 Beaker Tea Infuser that allows you to enjoy your favorite afternoon tea in a unique manner. After all, if you were to invite a new friend over to your place, having something like this would definitely be a good conversation starter, don’t you […]


Instant Audience Sound Machine

I hope that nobody who reads this do feel as though the world has ignored them for their entire life, as we are all precious in the sight of the one who created us, no matter what has happened to you or everything that you have gone through. Having said that, having a little bit […]


Doll Eyes Glasses

The traditional world has it that girls play with dolls, and guys engage in something a whole lot more explosive, such as soldiers, guns, and basically anything that would allow them to release some pent up aggression. I know that some guys do get creeped out by dolls, especially those that open their eyes when […]


Gundam gravestone lets you rest in peace

I suppose when we pass away and leave this world, there are two choices to make before we go – cremation or burial. Cremation is certainly the more popular option these days considering how a higher density population leaves far less space for the dearly departed since the living would need to, well, live somewhere. […]


Darth Vader Toaster

I suppose that when you live so far ahead in the future where technology can fix bionic parts to a human being, and yet transfer the essence of the Force through those bionic limbs, it would not be a stretch of the imagination that stuff like hunger will be an issue. Surely they can materialize […]


Cagey Cook’s Crib Note Apron

Bustling about in the kitchen is fine and dandy, but you would also do you a whole world of good if you had the proper tools and equipment to help you along. If you are going to whip up a storm, then what better way to do so than with the $29.95 Cagey Cook’s Crib […]


Sweet Spirits Sugar Shaker

It is time to play shaman at the dining table, especially when you take into consideration that meal times ought to be a moment of respite for the entire family to relax and enjoy their time together. Spruce up conversations across the table with the $14.99 Sweet Spirits Sugar Shaker, where this is a sugar […]

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