Big Blue Whale Strainer

Are all strainers created equal? Not really, it seems, as there do seem to be strainers that are different in terms of design as well as make up compared to the traditional and perhaps, even boring design. Not so with the plastic made $9.99 Big Blue Whale Strainer, and from the name itself, you can […]


Captain America 16oz Molded Mug

A drinking mug is an extremely personal thing – and most of the time, some of us do happen to have a mug that we are comfortable with using, calling it our own, so much so that it is anathema in a friendship or working relationship to use other people’s mugs without permission. If you […]


Yoda Computer Sitter

Yoda, the great Jedi Master, is a being that is full of wisdom and benelovence, although he will not shirk away from a lightsaber battle as and when the situation calls for it, of course. How can he – when he has to lead by example? Well, one way of having a wizened old being […]


T.V. Rock

I am not quite sure just what I should classify this $5.99 T.V. Rock as. It is not an accessory for your spanking new flat screen TV in the living room, and neither does it add value to your entertainment life, either. Well, I guess some things just exist for the sake of existing, even […]


Darth Vader: Galaxy’s Best Father?

Darth Vader might be the most badass father in the world, really. Nay, forget the world – how about the entire freaking galaxy? That seems to be the case with the $12.95 Wisecracks: Galaxy’s Best Father, where it features a statuette that sports Darth Vader himself, and this time around, he is not all that […]


This Is Spinal Tape

Are there times when you are on the lookout for something, but somehow or rather, never really managed to find it – but during the moments when you do not have it in your mind at all, that particular item would be easily spotted? Well, I suppose that tape does happen to fall into this […]


Merry Charger! Christmas Phone Charger

Halloween might be upon us in a few days’ time, and not only that, it also happens to fall on a Friday – which means that there will be plenty of opportunity to party along the way. Having said that, you might want to make early preparations not for Halloween – as it would be […]


VW Bus Keychain comes with its own garage

Not all keychains are created equal, this is for sure. In fact, many of us have keychains that we did not buy ourselves – since we picked them up from roadshows, tradeshows, as well as through family and friends who purchased last minute souvenirs at the airport or train station. Now, to spend $49 on […]


Painless Piercings

I know that there are some people who take body modification to the extreme, having plenty of piercings in different places of the body, not to mention tattoos in various spots of their skin, but what about those who are extremely averse to pain, and yet intend to be part of the crowd who have […]


Crystal Growing Volcano

Volcanic activity can be an interesting field of study, but it is not so much fun and games if you happen to be the one who is making an attempt to run for your life, away from the hot flowing lava! Well, if you think that your little one has an interest in geology and […]


Santaur Ornament

Halloween might not yet have happened, but this does not mean that you do not need to make the necessary preparations for the likes of Christmas, which is just a couple of months away when you think about it. That does not leave too much room to move around especially when you have a long […]


Food Truck

Getting a young person to eat his or her vegetables might prove to be quite a challenge in this day and age, especially when you take into consideration the amount of choices that one has to pick from -fast food and the ilk. However, one can always think up of various creative methods to get […]


Party Blaster, Streamer and Confetti Gun

Often when a newly wedded couple walk down the aisle after the marriage vows have been exchanged, with the minister presenting the couple, there will be party streamers being let off for a festive look – and it is such a moment that photographers cherish, as they attempt to capture just the right look at […]


Deluxe Finger Monster Set

While most children are rather afraid of monsters in the closet as well as those that lurk underneath their beds, there has been attempts to bridge this fear by coming up with cartoons such as Monsters Inc. and its sequel, Monsters University, to show how cute monsters can be. Well, here is another possible manner […]


Hillary Clinton Toilet Paper

If there is one thing that you would need to have to run for office in any capacity within the political hierarchy, it would be thick skin. Really, really thick skin, and have a cause that is worth believing in. Of course, Hillary Clinton would most probably shrug off the presence of the $6.95 Hillary […]


Egg-A-Matic Chick Egg Mold

When it comes to having a hearty breakfast, surely one of the thoughts that come to mind would be bacon and eggs. After all, this particular combination is extremely difficult to beat, don’t you think so? Forget about answering the classic question of whether the egg or the chicken came first, not when you have […]


Bumblebee Plush Helmet

I am quite sure that many of us were awed by the amazing CGI depicted in the various Transformers movies over the past few years, although there are at times way too many things happening on the big screen itself, that it can be rather difficult to figure out who is hitting who, and which […]


Under the Sea Heat Sensitive Mug

What goes on under the sea, remains under the sea. Well, this is not quite the case when you take the $11.99 Under the Sea Heat Sensitive Mug into consideration! As its name implies, the various mysteries of the deep do not remain so any longer, as long as you decide to pour in your […]


Spafoon the Nose Shaped Spoon

Mother always said not to play with our food, and having meals with the rest of the family is always an important aspect of life. After all, it is difficult to share a table with someone whom you have just fallen out with, right? Hence, it is a good practice that teaches us how to […]


Coffee Cup Measuring Cups

Most people who spend plenty of time in the kitchen whipping up delicious meals and desserts would be able to identify with the usefulness of a measuring cup – or better yet, and entire set of them. Well, why not take the cute route with the $9.99 Coffee Cup Measuring Cups? This will surely resonate […]


Unicorn Party Picks

Unicorns are mystical creatures, where it is said that only virgins will be able to ride on them. Not only that, their horns do boast of a magical property, and they are noble creatures of the highest order. Why not make your next cocktail party a whole lot more magical, with the $4.99 Unicorn Party […]


USB Christmas Tree

Christmas might still be some time away, but this does not mean that you do not need to make any kind of preparations in advance. With the $16.95 USB Christmas Tree in tow, you will be able to enjoy the Yuletide season all year long – never mind having to wait until December to do […]


Puffer Fish Dryer Buddies

Fugu, or puffer fish, is a delicacy over in Japan that might just actually kill you if it is not prepared in the right manner, no thanks to the kind of toxins that lie within the deadly puffer fish. Well, here is a safe representation of this particular aqualine animal, as it does not kill, […]


Couch Potato Scratch-O-Matic

There is a limit to the level of laziness in a particular person, and different people do have their personal level of comfort. If you are a classic couch potato person, then I am quite sure that you would have had a slew of devices that make life as convenient as possible for you – […]

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