Hot Spot Color Changing Mug

It does look as though we simply cannot live without a Wi-Fi hotspot these days. Of course, there is always a data plan with which we can make use of, but why bother taking up the bandwidth of our own plan when there is a free line around somewhere? This is the reason why I […]


Laughing Buddha Ice Mold

Now, you do not normally play the fool with deities simply for the fact that they wield a whole lot more power than you can possibly think or imagine, and who knows, they might actually turn you into an ugly, slimy amphibian that requires the kiss of a princess (which admittedly, is a whole lot […]


Strong Brew Sword Tea Infuser

So, you love your afternoon tea to bits, and simply cannot make do without a cuppa each day as you reflect on what has happened, and what could be in due time. Infusing your tea can be done in the traditional and boring method, but why would you want to do so when there is […]


French Fries Bed

After all these years, it is rather funny to read about folks fighting for “freedom fries” instead of calling it french fries. Those are certainly some crazy days back then, and if you would want to sleep on a bed that is equally zany without having ants and roaches come crawling in your direction, you […]


Monster Change Eating Coin Purse

There are monsters, and then there are monsters. This particular one that we will concentrate on today would fall under the cute and cuddly category, where it might have bared all of its teeth, but the virtually small size of this $6.49 Monster Change Eating Coin Purse makes it all the more appealing. He hungers […]


Food stickers let you end up with funny characters

I know that many of us were raised up not to play with our food, but there are times when it might help to be a little bit more slack concerning the matter. If you would want your children to help you out in the kitchen, how about letting them participate in the cooking process […]


Stress Buster Desktop Punching Bag

We all do happen to live in extremely stressful times these days. Just take a look at all of the grumpy faces on the road during rush hour – not to mention having folks keep to themselves most of the time whenever they are on public transport, finding their very own “cozy corner” to “talk” […]


1-Up Mushroom Cupcake Pan

Mario has made the world think that getting a mushroom equals to having an extra life in the game, and the iconic 1Up sound effect, too, has impacted generations along the way. Well, just as the passage of time has passed by, and you now have children of your own, isn’t it time you subtly […]


D20 Bowl Set

Avid RPG fans will definitely be able to identify with the many different kinds of dice out there, where certain dice are used for select throws. The almighty D20 is one of the more popular dice out there in the market, and Thinkgeek has come up with something which will literally help you in the […]


Shark Plush Slippers

I do wonder whether Greg Norman would fancy a pair of the $24.99 Shark Plush Slippers, especially when you take into consideration just how cute a couple of them chompers would look on your feet! These will definitely scare all monsters under your bed from ever venturing out at night, since the sharks do look […]


Don’t Say the Word Shit! Matches

I wonder how many people actually still make use of matches these days. Granted, a box of matchsticks would go a long way in making sure that you can start a fire in the wilderness as opposed to rubbing a dry twig into another piece of wood to get a spark going. Alternatively, there are […]


Shark Attack Bowl

While the movie Jaws certainly did plenty of harm to the shark’s image around the world, we are thankful that there are still some people out there who have a soft spot for these magnificent underwater predators, and would love to see them get more love in and around the home. What better way to […]


Pink Flamingo Candles

What is the whole point of having a birthday, if there are no birthday candles to blow out? Having said that, with so many different candles that are in the market these days, just which particular one should you get in order to make it an extremely memorable event? Enter the $11.95 Pink Flamingo Candles, […]


Pixel-8 Hair Bows

Love all things retro and old school? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would definitely find that the $7.95 Pixel-8 Hair Bows will be able to fill a niche that would make for a cool Halloween costume, especially if the overall theme of the party happens to be that of an 8-bit […]


Tetris Fail Blanket

Do you love puzzle games? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would be pleased to check out something that has to do with Tetris. This is one puzzle game that does not seem to have any kind of ending – chances are you will end up losing the game eventually as the […]


Birthday Speech Bubble Balloons

There is this particular day each year that dawns, reminding us that we are supposed to be one year older – and of course, one year wiser. In this case, if we were to celebrate it at a restaurant out in the city, then there is every chance that someone might actually ask you to […]


E-Racers to the fore!

This is sheer genius – the ability to play with the way a word sounds as well as spell it out to convey yet another meaning. With the $8.99 E-Racers, one would be quick (pardon the pun) to remove any kind of mistakes that one has made while writing or drawing, and yet will also […]


Ketchup Pen & Mustard Highlighter

If you need to highlight something in your notes or textbook, perhaps you might want to ask your neighbor to pass you the ketchup. Wait a minute here, did I lose my marbles or something? Actually not, especially when you take the $8.49 Ketchup Pen & Mustard Highlighter into consideration. The name of this particular […]


Star Wars Stackable Mugs allows Han to get a rimshot

Just when you thought that there is no way one will be able to exploit the Star Wars franchise to a brand new low, here we are with the $29.99 Star Wars Stackable Mugs. Each purchase will come in a set of 3 Star Wars mugs that are stacked together, where each mug sports the […]


Microphone Pen & Topper

So, you love the glitzy life of a rock and roll star, and wished that you could have broken out on your own, but never really managed to find the opportunity to do so? If that is the case, then perhaps it would bode you well to be able to pick up one of these […]


Unicorn Wishes Button

I do wonder what is the whole point of having this $12.99 Unicorn Wishes Button around. Won’t it make a whole lot more sense if this button had a genie printed all over it, since genies are the ones who traditionally gives out wishes – limiting it to three and yet having the clause that […]


Desktop Distractions Foosball Stationery Set

I am quite sure that our respective bosses would have wanted us to be extremely productive while we are at work, as they would like to milk us for all that we are worth by the minute. You know what they say, when the cat is away, the pigeons would then come out to play. […]


Flappy Bird Plush

The Flappy Bird craze might be over, and the creator of the game must be laughing his way to the bank in the past with a rumored $50,000 earnings a day alone thanks to ads in the game, and he is even back with Swing Copters, but this does not mean that little children do […]


Rose Bowl Goal Post Bottle Opener

The world is full of historical events, and this is something that we cannot run away from. In fact, it would be foolish if we were to try to, since history is one great teacher if we were willing to sit down and learn. Having said that, if you are a huge sports enthusiast and […]

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