Manatea Tea Infuser

So you love your afternoon tea just like everyone else who has had a brush with the British Empire, and make that two cubes of sugar, please. Well, infusing your tea is a pretty simple thing, but what if you would like to make more out of it? After all, tea time is no fun […]


SD Star Wars Plush Vehicles

You can be sure that as the date draws ever closer to the Star Wars: Episode VII release, there will be heightened interest in the science fiction franchise all over again, and it is time to milk this virtually immortal cash cow for all it is worth. If you ever wanted to break down the […]


Instant Audience

So, you think you have what it takes to make the cut by being a world renowned comedian or musician? Perhaps your routines have not really pulled in the crowds to date, and even family and friends find it difficult to swallow what you have served them (verbally speaking, of course) during one of your […]


Star Trek Golf Covers

Star Trek, Star Wars – these are two science fiction franchises that have their fair share of fans, although some of these fans prefer to remain exclusive to their own franchise – meaning they are not willing to have anything to do with the other side of the divide. Perhaps if your love for the […]


Golden Douchebag Trophy

Assuming you are hosting a party with good friends all over, where everyone else has had their fill over the dinner table and are now having a good time sipping on that wonderful wine that you have saved up for the longest time. Perhaps it is time you start to pull the rug from under […]


Star Wars Millennium Falcon Chopping Board

The Millennium Falcon might deem itself to be the fastest ship in the galaxy, but it is not fast enough to escape the tractor beam of a local kitchen – hence it is now possible for anyone with $39.99 to spare to bring home the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Chopping Board. Thanks to a reversible […]


Lab Flask Salt & Pepper Shakers

Cooking might seem to be a rather abstract concept to some of us, but for others, it can be an exact science. Knowing how some of the ingredients will need to be used sparingly, while others sprinkled liberally, but both in exact quantities in order to achieve the perfect, standardized taste regardless of who is […]


Crow Mask

Halloween might still be a couple of months plus away, but this does not mean you are unable to make the necessary early preparations, right? What would happen if you decided to dress up like an animal? Being the wild child that you are, not any other animal would do, as you would certainly want […]


Buster’s Spare Key Hiding Spot

You know something? Life isn’t fun when you are faced with certain situations – a leaking roof, unpaid bills, shortage of money, poor health, and of course, the classic “step into an animal’s stinking pile of poo” situation. The last bit normally happens when you are dressed to the nines and cannot wait to kill […]


Luxury Cat Dish

If there is one thing that we humans ought to know as pet owners, it would be this – cats treat us on a very different plane compared to dogs. Yes sir, this is why dogs are not called man’s best friend for nothing, right? However, there is still a fair number of people who […]


Star Wars Steering Wheel Covers

Just when you thought that George Lucas has more or less milked the Star Wars franchise to the very maximum, we have not quite reached the bottom of the Sarlacc pit…just yet. Not when you bring a space opera franchise to that of a car. Yes, that’s right, there are no cars at all in […]


Stinky Candles

Fart jokes do get old pretty fast, but this time around, you might want to take note of this stinky practical joke – except that it has nothing to do with farts at all. All right, perhaps somewhat, although the scope is a whole lot larger. The £8.99 Stinky Candles are definitely not something to […]


Pixel Happy Outdoor Blanket

The summer is still in full swing for those of us living in the northern hemisphere, and if you have yet to bring your other half out for a picnic when the weather is perfect, perhaps it is time to drop everything and start planning such a day out. Also, if you happen to be […]


Emergency Horse

Hmmm, ever wondered when in the world would anyone need a horse in an instant? Sure, if you happen to live in a world of westerns, or perhaps in a fantasy world like that of Middle Earth, where eagles are unavailable and you need a ride, fast, to avoid the advancing army of orcs. Having […]


On The Rocks Whisky Blocks

When it comes to enjoying your favorite hard liquor, some of us might want to tackle it head on like a man – neat, without any kind of ice to keep it cool. Others, however, are more than capable of handling it neat, but there is just something irresistible about taking a sip of cold […]


Patch of Grass Mat

Are all mats created equal? The answer would be a resounding “No!”, especially when you take into consideration all of those meticulous personalities who would want everything else in the house to match up. If that is the case, and you happen to have a home that has full of green and eco-friendly items, then […]


Cat Keyboard Scratcher

Cats need to scratch stuff, just as much as a dog needs to get its daily walks, it is just one of those characteristics of our feline friends that we ought to look into if we were to make sure that our beloved pet cat ends up as a well rounded character. Having said that, […]


Doctor Who Blue Dangle TARDIS Earrings

If you love everything there is to love about the Doctor Who series, and are simply unable to get enough of this particular series, what else can you do? Assuming your room as run out of space for additional merchandise, is there something else that is Doctor Who-related that you can purchase? The answer would […]


Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber BBQ Fork

You might be well versed in the ways of the Force, but despite being able to fast and meditate your way through situations, it would take a very strong minded person to turn down a BBQ invitation. Trust me on this – even Darth Vader himself rued the day he decided to take on his […]


Panda Pile-Up

Have you ever played Jenga? Well, how about taking the idea of Jenga and add some more suspense to it – to the tune of a hundred more times? That is what you get with the £24.99 Panda Pile-Up, where you will not use your fingers, which are “tools” that you are a whole lot […]


Creepy Horse Man Hand Puppet

Do you find clowns scary? Some people do, and there is even a word for it – coulrophobia, which is the fear of clowns. Well, wearing a mask is already pretty scary if you have got the right kind of design on, but what happens when someone dons the mask of a horse? Imagine walking […]


The Drink of Champions Coffee Mug

When it comes to drinking your favorite beverage at the office, you might want to consider etching your name, or at the very least, use a permanent marker and write down your initials at the bottom of the mug – so that no one else would be inconsiderate or ignorant enough to use what is […]


Who Farted? The Gas Passing Game

I know that fart gags can get old pretty fast, but there are moments in time when having a farting joke can be fun, or even break the tension in a room. However, I find that fart jokes work best when it comes to a group whom you are familiar with, and hence the $16.99 […]


TravelBoy Backpack

There is nothing quite like having a favorite backpack to bring around with you, as it is somewhat akin to an old friend whom you can be extremely comfortable with in the long run. Not only that, your backpack could be another way you express yourself, along with the likes and dislikes. Having said that, […]

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