Deluxe Propeller Beanie

Wearing a beanie is old hat by now (pardon the pun), but this does not mean that it is out of fashion, either. You can always crank things up by taking on a new look with an old fashionable item. Case in point, the $14.99 Deluxe Propeller Beanie that is sure to be able to […]


Fox Lap Warmer

Now that the cold chill of autumn has started to sweep over many parts of the northern hemisphere, folks are making preparations that they will remain nice and warm regardless of what comes in their direction – strong gales and the like. Here’s something cute which will not only keep you warm physically, it might […]


DOTA 2 Belt

Just how high are you on the geek scale if you were to pick from a number that ranges from one to 10? Well, I suppose this is relative, as one person’s level of geekiness might be another person’s idea of hardcore. Regardless, if you were to pick up this $19.99 DOTA 2 Belt and […]


Portal 2 Companion Cube Tea Infuser

Now isn’t this the cutest little thing that you will ever see? The $19.99 Portal 2 Companion Cube Tea Infuser is definitely something that is worth getting, especially if you are a heavy tea drinker yourself. It might look like a Portal 2 Companion Cube from all angles, but in reality, it is something very […]


Batmobile 3D Slippers

I certainly wonder how many of us actually bother to follow a particular theme in our homes or offices, but if you would like the rest of the world to know that you are a really huge fan of a particular movie character or series, then there are more than enough merchandise to go around […]


Apeeling Banana Pillow

Now here is a unique way to play around with words – by calling this half peeled banana looking pillow the Apeeling Banana Pillow, which carries a different positive connotation as well. All for just $14.99, it might not be edible, and neither does it come with all the natural goodness that a banana is […]


Mushion is a weird mash up

Ever got so angry at a person, that you wished all sorts of unspeakable things against that person? Well, this happens in families more often than we would like to admit, although at the end of the day, family is family – and this would mean we end up making up with one another. Still, […]


Chuck & Chug Inflatable Dice

So, it has been a particularly long and difficult week at work, and you want nothing better than to wind down and knock back a few beers. Of course, taking the well traveled route is normal, and you have your favorite watering hole – but what about trying something more adventurous to spice things up? […]


Star Wars Chewbacca Camera Strap

I know that the upcoming Star Wars movie is about to happen at the end of this year, and this means that it will rake in millions – perhaps breaking the billion dollar mark in the process – which isn’t all that difficult to do these days, inflation and the global film market. Well, why […]


Goat Coffee Mug

Having a nice cup of coffee is definitely worth exploring, especially if you do not happen to be a caffeine addict in the first place. For coffee lovers, your daily cuppa can be considered to be a non-negotiable aspect of life. Well, if you happen to fall into the latter category, then the £24.99 Goat […]


Traffic Light Power Bank

A power bank is a power bank, or is there any actual difference between one from the other? You might not think so, but it seems that someone has come up with the rather creative idea of turning the regular power bank into one that comes in the form factor of a traffic light, now […]


Baby Goatee Pacifier

A baby for new parents can be rather challenging to take care of – some of the little critters tend to require more care and attention than the rest! Having said that, if you do not have an iPhone or an iPad around in the event where your little one starts throwing a tantrum, perhaps […]


Day in the Park Bird Picks

If you happen to be a social butterfly who hosts plenty of events at your home from time to time, then chances are you would also want to have new stuff presented to your guests. After all, being boring is not your nature, and you would want to spruce up how their food is served, […]


Stress Sausages

Let’s face the facts – we happen to live in an extremely stressful environment these days. The work at the office continues to pile up, as though there is not going to be any kind of stop or end to it, and on the way home you will have to battle with many other cars […]


Chilli Pepper Umbrellas

When it rains, it pours. After all, we are supposed to be well prepared no matter where we go, hence it makes sense that during the dry season, we should continue to tote around an umbrella – you know, just in case the heavens decide to open up and pour down its “blessings” on humanity […]


Seed Money

There are some rather interesting terms in the English language in which we can fall back on, seeing their rather agrarian roots (pardon the pun), and Seed Money happens to be one of them. What if you were to make the term literal? Well, you would have to fork out $8.99 for that to happen, […]


Poop Spare Key Hiding Spot

Nobody likes a piece of turd, let’s face the cold, hard facts. After all, there is nothing quite as disappointing as stepping into some other dog’s poop while you are walking on a nice, grassy knoll, especially when you are dressed to the nines, carrying some flowers in your hand so that you can impress […]


Joker Crazy Foam

Joker is one of Batman’s greatest nemesis to date, where this pale faced killer is devoid of a conscience whatsoever, and would be able to to perform the craziest acts possible even if it means wiping out the entire city – without paying any regard for his own life, too. Well, since he is nuts […]


Dessert Excuses Plate Set

Whenever you are done with a satisfying meal, what do you do? Why, you wait for a little bit of coffee, followed by dessert, of course! Well, having something sweet to end the day is always nice, as with a nightcap of sorts, and perhaps you might want to check out the $24.99 Dessert Excuses […]


Edmond the Solar Waving Pug

When you are on the lookout for something that is not only fun, but will also help set the mood for your ride, then look no further than the conversation starting $7.99 Edmond the Solar Waving Pug. As you can tell by its name, this is one pug that absolutely adores the sun – as […]


Anatomic Heart Specimen Coasters

Taking a drink after a particularly long day at work – or even worse, week, that can be excused. After all, you do need to find an outlet where you will be able to destress yourself. Having said that, how about going back to the comfort of your own home and retreating to your favorite […]


I’d Tap That Beer Goggles

It is said that something magical happens when you start to guzzle down some beer, and that would be the fact that your eyes start to play tricks on you, hence the beer goggles effect. In other words, if you have gotten enough alcohol in your system, then you would definitely be able to feel […]


Peek-A-Boo Guess Who Party Glasses

Halloween is getting nearer and nearer with each passing day, and this can only mean one thing – you should do your bit to ensure that you have all of the right tools and equipment to meet this particular day head on, full of confidence. This means amassing your fair share of party gear and […]


Fairy Door Stop & Bookend

Little ones these days tend to grow up with smartphones and tablets, and their imagination do seem to be dictated by what they see, rather than surfacing from within. This means we might be seeing less and less innovation in due time, but that would be in the distant future. What about books? Perhaps in […]

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